DEMONETISATION and Cashless Society

DEMONETISATION + Cashless Society = Mother of All Scams”*
At the behest of RSS, Narendra Modi Government would have sold every Indian this idea that DEMONITISATION would BUSTING of BLACK MONEY and Cashless Society would lead to a Society without BLACK MONEY. Before I expose Narendra Modi Government any further let’s see Prime Minister Narendra Modi credentials in fighting BLACK MONEY.


Black money case: Can’t disclose names of foreign account holders, Modi govt tells SC
Dhananjay Mahapatra,TNN | Oct 17, 2014, 11.19 AM IST

The apex court agreed to hear Centre’s application on October 28.
Attorney general Mukul Rohatagi said the government cannot reveal names of those foreign account holders against whom no prosecution is launched.
The attorney general told the apex court court that revelation of names of Liechtenstein Bank account holders has been seriously objected to by the German government. The government is on the verge of signing important double taxation avoidance treaties with many countries, including USA in December, the attorney general added.
“If names of those not prosecuted are given out, then it will dry up the foreign government sources which provide the information about Indians stashing illegal money abroad,” Mukul Rohatagi said.Outside the court, Jethmalani took a strong critical view of the finance minister and attorney general for making such an application to the court and said it could help only the criminals.Jethmalani told the court that he has written a letter to the Prime Minister on this issue conveying his strong views against the application and requesting the PM to take it as his last wishes.
25 October 2016
At the behest of Modi Government, RBI refused to reveal names of 57 debtors,who have defaulted on Rs 85,000 Cr
“If the loan threshold is lowered below Rs 500. crore, then the default amount crosses Rs 1 lakh crore. It is a phenomenal amount. Why should the names of these defaulters not bemade public?” the bench asked the RBI.The bench asked the RBI counsel, “Borrowers have taken money from the banks and defaulted in repaying the loan amount. And you call this information confidential? It may affect the borrower but how does making information public affect RBl?”
The RBI counsel informed the court that not all borrowers could be bracketed as “wilful defaulters”, and making their information public would be against banking rules. The bench said, “We will make it clear that the disclosed ‘names are not wilful defaulters. Will that suffice? We are on the limited issue of why the names of big loan defaulters be withheld from the public.” Solicitor general Ranjit Kumar appearing for the Union government, said the confidentiality ,of banking data was mandated by a 1983 law However; he said the Centre had no role in this. “lt is between the RBI and the banks,”he said.

A News Item Appeared on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17 ,2014, that an estimated US $ 95 Billion was illegally taken out of India in 2012, when UPA Government under Sonia Gandhi was in power. This was in addition to another US $ 440 Billion in the preceding decade.What has Prime Minister Narendra Modi done about it..?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi merely speaks about fight against BLACK MONEY but in realty we see the NEWS REPORTS above…
When UPA Government under Sonia Gandhi was in power, BIG CORPORATE HOUSES took Loans upto Rs 31,00,000 Crores from PSU Banks but refused to repay the amount. When RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan — tried to pressurize PSU Banks to recover this amount from TOP BUSINESS HOUSES, he was kicked out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the behest of RSS. This is his record about fighting BLACK MONEY.

What Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya, who escaped to Londond without repaying Rs 11,000 Crores said in his defence –

“…PSU Banks have NPAs of Rs 11,00,000 Crores and have borrowers, who owe much more than the amount allegedly owed by Kingfisher Airlines to the banks — a fact never alluded to or widely reported by the media as in my case..”

On 30 March , 2016 — Wednesday, RBI gave a list of big defaulters to Supreme Court, who have failed to repay loans of over Rs 5,00,000 Crores, but fervently pleaded that their names should not be made public. The banks are refusing to identify individual accounts of Bad Loans claiming client confidentiality.
Supreme Court then made this observation

“…PSU Banks and Public financial institutions resorted to acts which were disreputable , un-clean and non transparent. It also accused RBI of trying to cover their acts from public scrutiny…”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly claimed that DEMONETISATION is about FIGHTING BLACK MONEY, but in realty it is about Shortchanging the general public of their small fortunes. One fine morning ,on 9 November 2016 ( Wednesday ), it was suddenly announced by Modi Government that it was scrapping Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes, claiming surgical strike on Terror funding / Black Money. The announcement made a HUGE impact everyone went out and spent their last Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Notes or rather wasted it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it a fight against Terrorism, corruption and Black money.
But Narendra Modi Government allows free flow of BLACK MONEY into every sector of Indian economy in the form of FDI.
Narendra Modi Government allows free flow of BLACK MONEY into Indian Stock Market through P — Notes issued by Financial Institutional Investors ( FIIs ) — all fronts for Swiss Banks.

What Dr Manmohan Singh said about DEMONETISATION 
 Dr Manmohan Singh said,

“These measures convince me that the way the scheme has been implemented, it is a monumental management failure and, infact, it is a case of organised loot and legalised plunder of the common people.”
Singh, who has also been finance minister and RBI governor; said,
“The national income, that is the GDP of the country can decline by about two percentage points as a result of what has been done. This is an underestimate, not an overestimate.”

“..organised loot and legalised plunder of the common people…”
When UPA Government demitted office, an PSU Banks had an estimated Rs 31,00,000 Crore of BAD LOANS. In other words, Government treasury was EMPTY.
So Narendra Modi Government used DEMONETISATION to recapitalize the PSU Banks across India. He Government diprived millions of small traders / Houseolds of their small savings. Many eminenet citizens have called DEMONTISATION a SCAM worth Rs 8,00,000 Crores.
Narendra Modi Government made no efforts to recover Rs 31,00,000 Crores that disappeared from PSU Banks but rather looted the common man of their small savings.

Let’s talk about Cashless Society
Narendra Modi Government has been selling it as a panesea for fighting BLACK MONEY. If India goes Cashless, all Indians will become powerless.
 If India goes Cashless, poor people will be SCREWED first. For a Cashless Society, every transaction must be CASHLESS. 
For buying a packet of bread all that one need is 
1. One Smart Phone 
2. 3/4G data Pack
3. Charged Phone 
4. Net Banking 
5. App to pay 
6. Working Knowledge of Hindi or English 
7. Use of App
8. Internet Connection
9. Lots of MONEY to THROW
That’s all.People are unnecessarily annoyed about demonetisation.?!!

Who gains from a Cashless Society..?
GOVERNMENT — they can moniter all our transactions sitting behind a computer. Tomorrow if you attend an Anti Corruption Agitation by Anna Hazare, all the government has to do is to SWITCH OFF your DEBIT CARD / CREDIT CARD/ or FREEZE your BANK ACCOUNT, giving some lame excuse. 
After that you cannot access your own money in the BANK. This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi ulterior aim.

Online Payment companies like PayTM
OK, What’s wrong with Cashless Transaction…?
Sir think that a 100 rupee note is circulated 1,00,000 times it will have the same value no body get any commission.but if it is circulated through cashless way each transaction fetches 2.5% commission that means 1,00,000 times 2.5% = 2500% i.e. Rs. 2,50,000 (Rs. Two Lakhs fifty thousand Rupees) to service providers like Paytm or Jio Money etc. Just for hundred rupees. So, it’s a perpetual golden egg laying goose gifted to the gang. 
That’s why this is the Mother of All Scams”*

USAID is a very shady agency were behind the scenes in this demonetization drive. Alibaba which now has 40% stake in PayTm, is well connected to the Rothschild’s.
Alibaba appointed Rothschild Bank as their financial advisers in 2014.

This demonetization drive is to coerce the entire Indian population into a card platform behind which will be a Rothschild. He will earn interest plus transaction fee on every financial transaction done in India. The Indian economy is worth several trillions of dollars. It is potentially a goldmine for the global elite controlled card companies. They attempted a similar ‘cashless’ thing in Germany in February this year. But the Germans turned out to be too smart. There was stiff opposition after which it was abandoned.
Narendra Modi Government is remote controlled by ROTHSCHILDS as Senior Leaders of RSS are AGENTS of ROTHSCHILDS.

USAID launches scheme to drive cashless payments in India
USAID Launches Catalyst to Drive Cashless Payments in India
Alibaba Appoints Rothschild Group as Financial Adviser Ahead of IPO

Did USAID suspected of a CIA link push India into CASHLESS DRIVE — JANDHAN — DEMONETISATION..?

DEMONETISATION was a ROTHSCHILD conspiracy to LOOT Indian public.
Narendra Modi Government = DESH DROHI GOVERNMENT.

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