Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam

Indo-US Nuclear Deal — An Act of TREASON

Not many Indians know that India’s indigenous Nuclear Programme no longer exists, not even on paper.

When Congress President Sonia Gandhi led UPA government came to Power in 2004 , she signed a Secret Deal with Russia to obsolete Import Uranium Based Nuclear Reactors from Russia. The deal is believed to be worth US $ 55 Billion. She is entitled to get a Commission ( 40% to 50% ) in this deal — Read Nehru Gandhi family KGB Connection. This is well known to NAQLI — DeshDrohi — Hindutva Leaders of BJP/ RSS.Before signing Indo-US Nuclear Deal

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Rs 60,00,000 Crore — Thorium Scam ( Extended Into 2017 )

India was World No 1 in Thorium based Fast Breeder ( FBT) Nuclear Reactors

Around 2003 , Indian Nuclear Scientists claimed that India was on cusp of mastering the 1 GW N-power plant technology , based on indigenous Thorium-Based Nuclear Technology Programme ( Fast Breeder Reactor — FBT). They claimed that by 2013 , India would be able to produce 1 GigaWatt Nuclear Reactors, thereby creating an global export market with a potential for sales upto $40 Billion , annually.

Indian Nuclear Scientists in 2004 had further unveiled a path-breaking design for A Thorium Breeder Reactor (ATBR), that can produce 600 MW of electricity for two years

“with no refuelling and practically no control manoeuvres.”

India produced the world’s first Thorium based Nuclear Reactor, Kakrapar-1, in 1993, as part of a Three-Stage fuel cycle plan which included designing a new Advanced Heavy Water Reactor; the goal was to use Thorium-based Nuclear reactors to meet 30 per cent of our electricity needs by 2050.

Using Thorium based Fast Breeder ( FBT) Nuclear Reactors can catapult India as the world’s pre-eminent nuclear power. By 2005 itself France and USA had accorded India the status of Global Leader in Fast Breeder Reactors.

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Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium scam extended into 2017

Thorium key to India’s energy security

India has a substantial portion of the World’s Thorium reserves.

In fact India has World’s Largest Reserves of Thorium Ores. India has 60% of world’s Thorium — Twice that of US , Brazil and Australia , put together. And this is easily accessible in the form of sands ( monazite ) in our sea beaches.

In most other countries, Thorium reserves are embedded in rocks which require elaborate processing to extract — both tedious and costly. One Hundered Tonnes of mineral rock yields just one kg of thorium.

On the contrary in India , Thorium Ores are easily accessible form of mineral sands , our sea beaches are rich in Thorium Ores –namely monazite, zircon, leucoxene and illimanite.

A small place in Tamil Nadu ( Manavalakurichi ) has 12 % of World’s Thorium.

But Prof V Rajamanickam , India’s leading Marine Mineral Explorer and a Geochemist of repute contradicts this , he says that Tamil Nadu ( Manavalakurichi ) is home to World’s 30 % ( percent ) Thorium deposits.

Thorium Ores can be found all along our sea beaches from Orissa , Andhra Pradesh to all the way upto Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which is easily accessible in the form of mineral sands ( containing all thorium Ores — monazite, zircon, leucoxene and illimanite ). After extraction from ore, Thorium does not require energy-intensive enrichment as is the case with Uranium.

From Mineral rich sands ( Monazite ) , it is possible to extract Thorium, Cerium , Cesium , Platinum and Lanthanum,

These minerals are referred as RARE EARTHS and Extremely EXPENSIVE in the International Market.

( Also read Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam by Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government )

At the moment these Mineral sands are also among the Least exploited resources having a high potential to meet the country’s energy needs.

Thorium based Nuclear Reactors are Safe

Thorium in liquid form burns more efficiently than solid uranium; liquid thorium reactors do not operate at dangerous high pressure; liquid thorium reactors cannot melt down. A Thorium-Powered Nuclear Reactor is inherently safe. It doesn’t run the risk of “meltdown” or explosion nor can even a dirty bomb be created. Its nuclear reaction simply stops when its neutron exciter is turned off.

Around August 25th, 2005, at a week-long international conference on emerging nuclear energy systems in Brussels, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) scientists V Jagannathan and Usha Pal stated that BARC had designed the “World’s Safest Thorium based Nuclear Reactor,” after some seven years of effort.

Thorium is also the preferred future fuel because of low radio-toxicity waste.

Thorium is rated as a clean fuel . is only slightly radio active , it is clean with no burden of nuclear waste disposal.

In 1 year , 1 GW Thorium Reactor produces less than 1 % of hazardous waste

Thorium based Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactors produce more Energy and More fuel

Thorium has the potential to replace Uranium as a cheaper and safer nuclear energy source. It is three times more abundant than Uranium in the earth’s crust and contains up to 200 times the energy density.
Thorium is potentially usable to breed reactor fuel and can theoretically generate 40 times more energy per unit mass compared to Uranium. Thorium based Fast Breeder Reactor — FBT would breed more fuel than it consumes. A single Thorium based Fast Breeder Reactor can produce all the Uranium fuel needed for all our 17 nuclear reactors. Usage of Thorium FBT Reactors would have freed India from importing expensive Uranium fuel from abroad.

India’s post-Pokharan isolation led scientists at BARC to develop a Fast Breeder Reactor using Thorium — the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam — which has been running for 27 years.Thorium based Fast Breeder ( FBT) Nuclear Reactors are cheaper than Uranium based Nuclear Reactors to build and operate. And India has already indigenously built 500 MW thorium fuelled reactor,

Thorium is believed as a key factor to India’s Nuclear Programme being freed from the dependence on Uranium imports to power our Nuclear Power Plants and allowing us to develop limitless amounts of fuel , since it could be extracted from mineral sand in sea beaches.
Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible .

The Plutonium which is bred in FBRs and Thorium reactors could be used for defense purposes which will bestow India with strategic advantage over the comity of nations.

Our Nuclear Scientists have been Assassinated

On 24th Jan 1966, the father on India’s Nuclear Power Programme Dr.Homi Jehangir Bhabha ( A Parsi Scientist ) died in a mysterious plane crash — when He was on his way to Vienna to attend an IAEA Scientific Advisory Committee meet. Air India Plane ( AI 101 ) — by the name of Kanchenjunga — was missled out near the summit of Mont Blanc in the Alps. He was assassinated to prevent India from developing Atomic bombs.

He died just 13 days after Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri died of a mysterious heart attack while at Tashkent, after a pact with Pakistan to end the 1965 Indo-Pak war. Former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri was believed to be assassinated by Russian KGB. On 31st Dec 1971,Vikram Sarabhai, the father of India’s Space Programme died of a mysterious heart attack at Halycon Castle Hotel Thiruvananthapuram.

When Two Nuclear Submarine Scientists Josh and Shivam were found dead on railway tracks , the then both Union Defence Minister A.K Antony and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi did not care.

In the runner-up to Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Both Former PM Manmohan Singh and Former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee

DESTROYED India’s Thorium Based Nuclear Technology Programme

( Fast Breeder Technology –FBT )

After Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government came to Power

India was No 1 in Thorium based Fast Breeder ( FBT) Nuclear Technology — untill PM Dr Manmohan Singh and Union Defence Minister A.K Antony moth balled it for 10 years , under orders of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Once Sonia Gandhi led UPA government came to power , Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh followed an unwritten policy of severely downsizing indigenous Thorium-Based Technology Programme ( Fast Breeder Reactor — FBT), thereby making India dependent on foreign countries for advanced nuclear technology, key scientists claim on the condition of anonymity. Indian Nuclear Scientists at Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) claim that by 2013 , India would have mastered the technology to build Thorium based 1 Gigawatt Nuclear Reactors , which is now being supplied by China to Pakistan.

The primary aim of Dr Manmohan Singh Government was to kill Indian Nuclear Industry that was World No1 in building Thorium based Nuclear Reactors , of course this was done on orders of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

BJP / RSS Leaders would have been quite aware of Congress President Sonia Gandhi dubious intentions, as her government denied any further funding to Department of Atomic Energy ( DAE)


ROTHSCHILD controlled Indian Media led by THE TIMES OF INDIA , had numerous articles , how Dr Manmohan Singh led UPA government is securing India’s future Energy Security by signing INDO US NUCLEAR DEAL.

Sonia Gandhi led UPA government in order to fool the Indian people — co-opted the mainstream media to ensure a BIG HYPE to be surroundeds this deal. The mainstream media led by THE TIMES OF INDIA told Indian people , as how this deal is going to push India into the BIG LEAGUE of countries , by putting it on course to being the next super power. This BIG HYPE was deliberately manufactured by UPA Government under Sonia Gandhi.

How this was going to be a game changer for India’s future — how India won’t be pariah to World’s Nuclear Energy industry. Nothing could be farther than the truth.

The Weekendleader on Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement of 2008

India’s indigenous nuclear program on backburner’

The reasons why the USA desperately wanted the nuclear deal were clear from the start. It wanted the American companies like GE and Westinghouse to pursue nuclear trade with India worth billions of dollars and prevent India’s emergence as a real nuclear military power.
The nuclear deal, called the 123 Agreement, is subject to US national laws and the Hyde Act of the USA clearly states that if India tests a nuclear device, all further nuclear trade will end and nuclear material already sold should be returned.With no commitment to supply nuclear fuel, the USA has put a cap on India’s strategic programme, subjected the country to the Non-Proliferation Treaty against its stated policy, and inspection of our nuclear installations through the International Atomic Energy Agency. India’s indigenous nuclear programme, which was progressing well, has been put on the backburner.

The Dawn on Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement of 2008

The ‘breakthrough’ in Indo-US nuclear deal will bleed Indians every which way

On 26 January, eminent cartoonist R K Laxman, the creator of the much-loved “Common Man”, died. The Indian and American governments, and GE and Toshiba Westinghouse, see the “breakthrough” as cause for celebration. If American corporations are sufficiently convinced to follow through and supply nuclear power plants to India, the common man (and woman) — namely, Indian taxpayers, electricity consumers and communities that host the plants — may well get the wrong end of the stick.


As per the deal, India agreed to separate its civilian and military nuclear activity and open up the civilian part to inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency. In return, the US offered to resume full nuclear trade with India, ending its nuclear ostracism.A thankful India carved out two large chunks of real estate in Mithi Virdi, Gujarat, and Kovvada, Andhra Pradesh, and offered them to two American multinationals to set up nuclear power plants. Toshiba-Westinghouse was given the Gujarat site for building six AP1000 reactors of 1100 MW each. GE-Hitachi plans to set up six units of 1594 MW each at the Kovvada site. Both projects involve untested technologies. In both instances, public sector Nuclear Power Corporation of India will be the operator.

INDO US NUCLEAR DEAL was nothing short of TREASON.

The real aim of INDO US NUCLEAR DEAL , which would make India one of the Top Three Global Markets for Nuclear Power Companies based in the US and Europe rather than a competitor of companies based in these locations” in the lucrative US $ 100 Billion Nuclear Power technology market.

In other words , what Indian people have to understand is that INDO-US NUCLEAR DEAL was meant to create a huge market for Big 3 conventional Nuclear Reactor manufacturers — Westinghouse, Areva, and GEH.

World’s Nuclear Industry ( based in US & Europe ) is believed to be owned by International JEWISH Banking Cartel that is FORCING countries to adopt Uranium Based Nuclear Power Plants. JEWISH Banking Cartel is also giving loans to countries that to build Uranium based Nuclear Power Plants.

According to Indian Nuclear Scientists at DAE , “The attention given to the Fast Breeder Reactor and Thorium program were reduced still further by 2008, when discussions began with international companies about supply of conventional Uranuium based Nuclear Reactors to India” If this had not been done, scientists say that by 2013 at the latest, India may have been able to develop the technology for 1 Gigawatt reactors, thereby creating an export market with a potential for sales of $4 billion initially. This advantage was handed over to China” Incidentally, scientists warn that China is now on the cusp of mastering the technology of 2 Gigawatt reactors, while India is now forced to rely on overseas suppliers for 1 Gigawatt (or 1,000 Megawatt) nuclear power plants.


Indo US Nuclear Deal enables India to buy enriched Uranium Fuel from from the National Supplier Group ( NSG) , and later send used-up Uranium fuel back to the CARTEL ( NSG ) for recycling and further enrichment.

Since India has no expertise in building Uranium based Nuclear Reactors — India would be purchasing Uranium based Nuclear Reactors from Big 3 conventional Nuclear Reactor manufacturers ( CARTEL ) — Westinghouse, Areva, and GEH.

India would also be purchasing Heavy Water Reactors from the CARTEL.

In other words , our country India would become a ready made market for Big 3 conventional Nuclear Reactor manufacturers ( CARTEL ) and also for RUSSIAN Nuclear Power industry.

One big clause in the Treaty also im­poses a permanent ban on any future testing of the Nucle­ar Device ( Atomic Bombs ) , incase India tests a nuclear Device NSG retains the power to take back the fuel and abruptly halt all our 17 running nuclear reactors at one go. Such accords can only be signed by Anti National TRAITORS.

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam emphasized the thorium fuels route for Nuclear Power Plants instead of seeking enriched uranium from Nuclear Supplier Group countries, which retain the power to take back the fuel and abruptly halt all our 17 running reactors at one go.

According to Indian Nuclear Scientists , who are confused over lack of action on Thorium based FBT Reactors and the strenuous efforts to sign the nuclear accord with the US to purchase Uranium based Nuclear Reactors , even though we have practically no uranium of our own — between just 0.57% and 0.8% of the world’s reserves, is perplexing. We also cannot make a uranium-based reactor domestically!

Indian Nuclear Scientists at DAE claimed that under UPA Government , India has been changed into dumping Ground for OBSOLETE Nuclear technology from RUSSIA , US & Europe. The Big 3 conventional Nuclear Reactor manufacturers ( CARTEL ) are tripping over each other to offer us OBSELETE Uranium powered nuclear reactors. This is like trying to palm off a useless 20 year old MS DOS laptop to you , so that you will NOT buy the latest processor model .

With the Thorium based Fast Breeder Reactors in place, India need not go to countries like USA, France and Russia with begging bowl for fuel to run its existing 17 reactors which are all dependent on imported Uranium. The country has no worthwhile resources of Uranium.

It was the severe shortage of Uranium , which made India sign the infamous Indo-US civil nuclear deal with which Manmohan Singh forfeited India’s right to test any nuclear device in the future. The moment India undertakes a peaceful nuclear explosion like the one which was ordered by the Vajpayee government in May 1998 at Pokhran desert in Rajasthan, the US and other members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group will pull the rug from India’s feet and all nuclear reactors in the country will come to a grinding halt.

To all Indians , our political leaders based in both BJP and Congress party , know that India has World’s Biggest Thorium Reserves , India is world No 1 in Thorium Based ( FBT ) Nuclear Power Plants , yet they are going for Uranium based Nuclear Power Plants , which is both very expensive and risky. To all Indians , Uranium based nuclear power plants are environmental hazards — Indian government under both Congress President Sonia Gandhi ( and BJP led by Narendra Modi ) have commissioned more than 20 Uranium based Nuclear power plants across India , on basis of LOANS received from International JEWISH Banking Cartel.

Many countries like Japan ( and Germany ) are getting rid of Uranuim based Nuclear Power Plants — especially in the wake of Fukushima Disaster and moving towards THORIUM based Nuclear Power

How Senior Leaders of BJP and RSS helped INDO — US NUCLEAR DEAL…?

Left parties led by CPM , one fo main allies of the UPA Government was deeply opposed to Indo US Nuclear Deal. They had served an ultimatum to Congress President Sonia Gandhi , as Congress President Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government went ahead with “…Game Changer…” called INDO US NUCLEAR DEAL , Left Parties pulled out support for Congress/ UPA Government.

Publicly ,BJP/RSS leaders were also openly OPPOSED to Indo US Nuclear Deal. That was when now Union Finance Minister and Union Defence Minister Arun Jaitley infamously told US Ambassador that Hindutva Politics is only an Opportunistic issue for BJP ( and RSS ) , a talking point for BJP at the time of Elections , at private Luncheon.

BJP / RSS leaders opposed Indo US Nuclear Deal as a publicity stunt.

Behind the scenes , the then BJP President L.K Advani had cut a SECRET DEAL with Congress President Sonia Gandhi , with blessings of the SENIOR RSS Leaders. L K Advani’s former aide Sudheendra Kulkarni , his personal driver Sohail Hindustani and Two BJP MPs Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahabir Singh Bhagora colluded with Samajwadi Party Leader Amar Singh ( Through his aide to Sanjeev Saxena) to bribe several BJP MPs , who later cross voted to help Congress / UPA combine win the Crucial Vote Of Confidence on the Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal.

Each BJP MPs had received some Rs 150 Crores from Congress President Sonia Gandhi as Bribe to Cross -Vote for Congress. The Then BJP President L.K Advani , through his Political aide Sudheendra Kulkarni played a crucial role , which helped Congress / UPA Combine win Crucial Vote Of Confidence in the floor of the parliament.

Of course , BJP Leaders led by the then BJP President L.K Advani tried blaming individual MPs for taking Bribes from Congress Party. Delhi Police had arrested L.K Advani Personal Driver Sohail Hindustani , his political Aide Sudheendra Kulkarni , and Wheeler Dealer Politician called Amar Singh on Cash For Votes Scam.

India’s Desh Drohi newspaper — THE TIMES OF INDIA retracted its earlier reports that Sohail Hindustani was L.K Advani’s Driver and insisted thet he was a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Activist ( not L.K Advani’s Driver )..

THE TIMES OF INDIA also called Sudheendra Kulkarni as Political aide of former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee.

NAQLI Hindutva Leaders — Senior BJP / RSS Leaders would have been well aware of ,

Not surprising why RSS , so easily gives tickets to used-up Corrupt Congress Leaders to fight General Elections , instead of genuine Hindutva Leaders within their own ranks.

India Today Exposing BJP / RSS double standard on Indo US Nuclear Deal

WikiLeaks: BJP’s double-standard on N-deal exposed

ITGD Bureau New Delhi, March 19, 2011 | UPDATED 20:31 IST

BJP was on Saturday engulfed by WikiLeaks expose with US diplomatic cables stating that the party leadership had told them that its criticism of the US in public was to score “easy political points” against UPA and when in power, it would not harm the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Seshadri Chari, BJP National Executive member and RSS pointsman in the party figured in the diplomatic cables as having told an US embassy official in Delhi in December 2005 “not to read too much into the foreign policy resolution especially the parts relating to the US”, which had attacked the UPA’s “subservience” to Washington. “Chari dismissed the statement (resolution) as standard practice aimed at scoring easy political points against the UPA.

Advani acknowledged that the BJP’s public position in July 2008 was that the deal constrained the country’s strategic autonomy and that the party would reexamine if it returned to power but connected that stance to “domestic political developments” then at play in India. The BJP leader, the diplomat wrote, was clear that there would be “no imminent BJP move to reopen the (nuclear) deal. In his view, the government is a continuity, particularly in matters of foreign policy and international agreements cannot be taken lightly.” Asked about the diplomatic cables quoting him, Chari declined to comment saying he has not seen the report. He said he did not remember if he had talked to Deputy Chief of Mission Robert Blake in December 2005.”I don’t remember the name. I don’t remember the names. I don’t remember whom I met in 2005,” Chari said, adding the party will officially comment if required.

Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam.

This article explains illegal EXPORT of RARE EARTH ( also containing Thorium ) to China

This has been happening for a long time — may be since 1998.

This started happening ILLEGALLY under NDA Government of Atal Behari Vajpayee , which came to power in 1998 . But picked up pace once Sonia Gandhi led UPA government LEGALIZED export of RARE EARTH ( containing Thorium ) in 2006– an Act of TREASON.

Not many Indians know that one of first actions of Department of Atomic Energy ( DAE ) after independence , was BAN the Export of RARE EARTHS ( that contain Thorium Ores ) to France that was happening covertly in the name of exporting sand from these sea beaches. This was stated by Dr A. Gopalakrishnan, former Atomic Energy Research Bureau (AERB) chief.

Let start the Story….

Not many Indians know that China has 0% Reserves of RARE EARTHS ( which also contain THORIUM )

Nevertheless they have an ample supply of THORIUM , which occurs in MONAZITE , a mineral that also contains Rare Earths — Thorium, Cerium , Cesium , Platinum , Titanium and Lanthanum . China dominates the World’s Rare Earth LUCRATIVE market and is believed to be sitting on substantial stockpiles of Thorium Ores. Rare Earths — MONAZITE, ZIRCON, LEUCOXENE and SILLIMANITE are vital for industrial production of most China high tech products. Unlike India , that hasn’t used its own Thorium Ores , China has developed an Industrial Complex for processing Rare Earths — to extract Thorium, Cerium , Cesium , Lithium , Platinum and Lanthanum.

This Rare Earths — MONAZITE, ZIRCON, LEUCOXENE and SILLIMANITE , which also contain THORIUM , is EXPORTED illegally from India , since 1998 , when BJP came to Power under Atal Behari Vajpayee — but finally legalized under UPA led by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

China had a long delayed dream of Clean Nuclear Energy –

But China has 0% Thorium Ores , but how are they going to do it…?

They are going to do it , in collaboration with USA .

ORNL — an US Company had developed a Thorium MSR in the 1960s..

Proponents of thorium MSRs, also known as liquid thorium reactors or sometimes as liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs), say the devices beat conventional solid fuel uranium reactors in all aspects including safety, efficiency, waste and peaceful implications.

Chinese are now developing THORIUM MOLTEN SALT REACTOR (MSR) TECHNOLOGY, in collaboration with USA. China Takes Lead in Race for Clean Nuclear Power.

Having virtually killed the indigenous nuclear power industry, the Dr Manmohan Singh government through a Department of Atomic Energy notification S O 61(E) dated 18 January 2006 and Gazetted on 20 January 2006, removed rare RARE EARTHS ( which contain minerals such as monazite, ilmenite, rutile, zircon and leuxoxene ) from the list of Prescribed Substances, Prescribed Equipment and Technology and allowed a cartel of sand mafias to export them to China and other countries

Indian Nuclear Scientists say that , “Since the UPA government assumed office in 2004 with Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister, 2.1 million tones of RARE EARTHS ( that contain monazite , Ilmenite, cerium, Garnet, Zircon and Rutile ), equivalent to 195,300 tonnes of thorium at 9.3 per cent recovery, has disappeared from the sea shores of India.” This RARE EARTHS ( monazite, quite rich in thorium ), is reported to have been mostly exported to other countries by a powerful mining cartel

There is a little known company called V.V Mineral ,which is part of a cartel, headed by a Tirunelveli-based businessman S Vaikundarajan — Owner of V.V Minerals. The man is known to have strong connections to Senior Congress Leaders.

S.Vaikundarajan — Owner of V.V Minerals is known for his close proximity to powerful political lobby, both in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He is a major stakeholder in Mavis Satcom, the company that runs Jaya TV, the AIADMK mouthpiece.

What is not known to the outside world is that a Tirunelveli businessman — S Vaikundarajan — Owner of V.V Minerals literally controls the mining industry in southern Tamil Nadu. He owns 96 out of the 111 garnet mining licences issued by the Indian Bureau of Mines. The Union Government has issued 44 licences for mining ilmenite and he owns all the licenses. Because the Rare-Earth minerals are EXPENSIVE, and this guy has a ridiculous number of mining licences in the region.There are allegations that the engineers in IRE and DAE are helping him — S Vaikundarajan — Owner of V.V Minerals export RARE EARTHS. The Tirunelveli Mining baron has a global network to export the thorium-rich monazite. Containers filled with sand from Manavalakurichi are exported through Tuticorin Port and is an open and regular sight. The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) is allowing this loot in front of its eyes. .

V.V Minerals been exported 2,0,5354 tonnes ilmenite from Tamil Nadu , since 2000. In the year 1999 VV Minerals smuggled from Kerala 12000 tonnes of mineral sand. In the year 2006 the smuggling crossed 1580000 tonnes. As per reports of AMD annual production capacity of VV Minerals has the capacity produce just 7139 tonnes of ilmenite. But in 2006 the company exported 7,90,000 tonnes.

The smuggling and illegal mining of beach mineral sand started flourishing in Kerala costal lines after 2007 when Ilmenite was delisted from the list of ‘Prescribed Substances’, by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the UPA-I rule. Not many Indians know that RARE EARTH Mineral — Titanium is processed from Ilmenite.

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“The chances are that by the time they complete the construction of the reactors, the thorium-rich monazite sand from India would have shifted its base to China,” said a metallurgical engineer from BARC, who played a crucial role in the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions (PNEs) at Pokhran in May 1998. He described thorium as the fuel of the future and said many developed countries are in the process of procuring monazite from all available sources and storing the same in silos for future use.

The biggest buyer of RARE EARTHS from India is believed to be China — so it is not surprising that China is sitting on substantial stockpiles of Thorium Ores — enough to last for 24,000 years. It is also not surprising how and why China dominates the World’s Rare Earth LUCRATIVE market — when they have 0% RARE EARTH ( which also contain THORIUM Ores like Monazite ).

This illegal EXPORT of RARE EARTHS has been going on illegally since 1998 — when Atal Behari Vajpayee government came to power — after toppling Patriotic PM — P.V Narasimhar Rao Government after orchestrating “..SHAM..” Ramjanambhoomi Movement ( by Desh-Drohi RSS & Sangh Parivar).

Atal Behari Vajpayee government, which tested a Nuclear Device — Pokhran II — credit for which should go to former PM P.V Narasimha Rao.

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