Why is India ..a Poor Country..?

RSS, VHP and SANGH PARIVAR use Hindu Nationalism to topple HONEST DESH BHAKT Prime Ministers .

RSS, VHP and SANGH PARIVAR was probably set up before independence to SPY on Hindu Nationalists , Sabotage Hindu Nationalists and more importantly to De-Rail Hindu Nationalism. Exactly the same reason, why Congress Party was set up by the British ( or more particularly the House of Rothschild ) packed with their own stooges at the TOP..

Senior Leaders of RSS, VHP and SANGH PARIVAR have 0% commitment to Hindu Nationalism.

RSS after independence infiltrated Bharatiya Jan Sangh set up by Syama Prasad Mukherjee and later hijacked it after the mysterious deaths of its Founders — Syama Prasad Mukherjee and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya.

RSS and SANGH PARIVAR Leaders have ties to Masonic Clubs , Catholic Church and House of Rothschild. To all Indian guys , Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment with close ties to the International Jewish Banking Cartel and the House of Rothschild. New Age Guru — Sr Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Art of Living establishments all over the world was funded by Masonic clubs. Both Jaggi Vasudev and Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar have close ties to Masonic Clubs and are promoted by them. There are Masonic Clubs all over the world — they are SECRET SOCIETIES with their own perks ;previlages ; grades; official appointments; passwords.

Was former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Murdered..?

Mahatma Gandhi had affiliation with Freemasonry , which allowed him to go to the Bar in London and study law at the Inner Temple, one of the Inns of Court in the City of London, quite a privilege for a person of colour in the late 19th century, late 1880s in point of fact. British Rulers , who ruled India were Freemasons , so were Freedom fighters like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi , who fought against British Rulers. Motilal Nehru was also a Freemason — Lodge Harmony, Kanpur (Father of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and grand father of Indhira Gandhi). Other Freemasons were — C. Rajagopalachary (Governor General of India), Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer (Divan of Travancore), Dr. P V Cheriy (Governor of Maharashtra), and Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India). All of them took part in Indian freedom struggle, and they were all Freemasons. After India’s independence , they became Presidents , Prime Ministers and TOP Political Leaders. I will say again, Freemasons played with both sides during freedom struggles all over the world in colonial era. They pre-planned everything, about how they will take over the country and implant Freemason politicians in them. Who will then make laws and policies, that would allow foreign Industries and banks to enter those countries and exploit its economic and mineral wealth , and then the money and profits are stashed in the Swiss Banks of France, Europe, US, UK etc. They are the real cause why Third World Countries are so poor. The oppressive and exploitative laws established by Freemason colonists, are still followed today in many third world countries. And no one can challenge those laws, because of Freemasons sitting at high ranks in the govt., who are upholding those laws. Instead the laws passed in India were designed to oppress colonial subjects, and hence gave disproportionate power to the state authorities and very little rights to the citizen. Because of the potential for generating bribes and patronage that such British-era laws bring, political leaders in India have thus far refused to liberalize the laws in a manner that ensures that citizens of India cannot get persecuted by the state, the way they were under the British Raj.

RSS and SANGH PARIVAR was set up rein in Hindu Nationalists and prevent rise of Militant Hindu Nationalism

All TOP Indian politicians have ROTHSCHILDS connection and those who dont end up like Tami nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha ( murdered ).

Was former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Murdered..?