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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Since the time human being was born, every now and then there have been regular advancements in the field of construction. One can gauge this form of timely change from the fact that gradual changes have taken place and which is visible to everyone. Every now and then the engineers of that particular time have not just devised better methods of construction, but also the mechanical tools as well. In the present time, whenever we look back and admire the beautiful work encompassing not only creativity, design but the spectacular form of engineering as well. Hindustan Hoist & Crane Industries is a firm that had started its business in the year 2005 with the sole aim of being referred as the supreme in Electric Wire Rope Hoist in Mumbai.Today the firm has been into the business or trade for more than a decade and is still going strong day by day.

The firm is led by an able and dedicated leader Mr Kiran B Patil, who himself has acquired the BE Mechanical Degree from a reputed university. The overall scenario of our country has changed a lot towards positive or growth side. In this gradual form of rising, the role of this firm can’t be ignored at all. 
When the firm was just taking baby steps, during that time no one believed in the vision that Mr Kiran b Patil was seeing. His guidance & sound mentoring was the reason that the company, after conducting the business for more than a decade is learning the nuances of the trade in a much better manner. The endless form of pristine quality that is being maintained by the firm has knocked down even the well-established companies.

One has to invest a lot of time and money in being able to deliver the “second to none” type of product like — Double Girder EOT Crane, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Winch, Goliath Crane, Goods Lift Manufacturers etc. The level of quality inspection is something that has always been our core strength and it is due to this that no one has said negative things about our version of the product. Many clients do come to us with numerous forms of requirements that they want to transport some XYZ type of product from one place to the other.

Electric Wire Rope

The Research & Development team that has been working tirelessly and catering to all the aspects like- fire, weight, quality of the steel rope, pulley, Mechanical & Electric part of the crane etc. This way the manufacturers do not get cold feet of the fact that a chance of fault might arise. It is due to this raw confidence possessed by the members of the firm that nothing of substantial nature is going to come up and if in case the faults do arise, then it will automatically be corrected without any hassle. As it is the top version of the technology that also has been the revolutionising aspect in the growth cycle of the firm.

This firm is not a blind replica of work that is being executed by the other players of the world. Each time a machine is sent to a site so that heavy lifting is done and the overall work is completed within a stipulated period of time. When the project gets completed then the technicians, engineers and other experts start inspecting the machine and wherever the fault is being witnessed, then automatically it is corrected. It is a misconception that the dream of reaching towards the star is an easy work, but it is not and so the firm is revered by so many clients. It is rightly said that till the time leader himself will not get involved in the affairs of the organisation, the overall climbing of the modernised form of the ladder will never be used in a pristine manner. His intervention has been the primary role why the glorious form of success is being constantly shining brightly in the market. The attachment of tag that only Hindustan Hoist & Crane Industries will be called as the supreme Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers and EOT Crane Manufacturer. Future of the firm is not at all bleak and this speaks volumes about the character of each member or the workforce.