How To Install Towel Holders?

Storing the towels in style is the need of every stylish bathroom. Choosing a good quality towel racks makes the bathroom look different, so it’s fixing if done with care gives it a long lasting effect. For fixing the towel bars in a proper manner one needs to follow some instructions:

  1. After choosing the right towel holder, next is to select the place for mounting it. Once the place is selected drilling is done to mount the brackets for hanging the towel bar.
  2. Placing the bar holder on the wall and marking the holes with a pencil so that drilling can be done at the accurate distance.
  3. After the drilling is done, the wall anchors are fitted in it, and later the bar holder is attached to the bracket. The mounting plates above the screws are fitted to hide the screws and make it look neat. Next the bar is placed in the right position and the second bracket should be attached to the screws.
  4. Once the towel holder is fixed firmly into its place, the testing should be done by pulling it a bit, for checking its holdings on the brackets.

Now the bar is ready to bear the load of the heavy wet towels.

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