Waterless Urinals — Trending in 2017

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Urinals are something that can change the inside of your washroom to a radically new level. A decent urinal framework and great showers can light up the toilet. Indeed, even small restrooms can be composed in an exceptionally decent and conservative way that’ll make one’s washroom appear to be appealing and worth spending the cash. Waterless urinals are a new addition to the class which not only add a class to the restroom but also aid in saving water to a great extent.

Urinals make for essential bathroom accessories and a necessity for every home. With time people have become careless while using urinals which have apparently led to the advent of blockages in the urinals and even opened doors to water leakages. This is something that needs to be stopped. With the revolutionized idea of waterless urinals that are in trend nowadays people are able to save a lot of water and keep their washrooms clean and tidy. The system that these urinals follow are highly complex and have been made by putting in a lot of efforts and time.

Following are the in-trend high-efficiency waterless urinals worth investing and installing in your bathrooms

Aquafree Waterless Urinal

This is the modern generation and art of urinals. This waterless urinal system requires no flushing and is very hygienic when compared to other urinals available in the market. It has a 100% water saving policy and is built accordingly. Furthermore, there is no requirement of liquid carter age. This is an anti-bacterial and germ-free ceramic surface. It can be used as an outlet on the floor or affixed to the wall. The shape of the urinal is mounted in a Z-type bracket. Showcasing top-class features, it’s highly cost effective and gives away a classy look to the bathroom.

Enigma Sensor Urinal

Attributable to years of expert learning and experience, here are proficiently occupied with offering Sensor Urinal (Enigma Sense). Offered urinal is given in various redid choices on request of demographic. This urinal is made under the bearing of a gifted group of experts utilizing astounding nature of material propel methods. The offered urinal is very much checked from our side in order to convey a flawless range from our end. These urinals have an elegant look. Though they showcase a complex working mechanism, they are very easy to install and maintain. In addition to oozing excellent functionality factors, these waterless urinal systems are even abrasion resistant and quite budgeted.

Dyna Sensor Urinal

This urinal has a smart design comprising of straight lines. The built-in water seal is something worth looking forward to. It has a wall outlet and is mounted in a Z-type bracket shape. The urinal also comprises of a concealed water spray hole that serves the purpose of flushing. The water inlet is provided from the back of the urinal. It stands amid the best water saving urinals available in the market for residential as well as commercial washroom installations.

Waterless urinals benefits and pitfalls are a plethora. What matters is the place of their installation and how smartly they are managed. The better the management, the more shall be the benefits urinals will display. Saving water with Hindware waterless urinals is a very good idea. Browse through the comprehensive range and take a pick as per your needs, demands, and budget.

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