Having finished my programming bootcamp, I thought I’d come back to SuperCollider with a fresh perspective.

I know there’s a right way to do granular synthesis (making sounds from grain-sized pieces of other sounds) in SC. This is not that way, and I’m not even sure it’s granular synthesis, as…

This one comes from GeeksForGeeks:

“Given a string, find the longest palindrome that can be constructed by removing or shuffling characters from the string. Return only one palindrome if there are multiple palindrome strings of longest length.”

Given their example inputs and outputs, I’m going to assume inputs of only lowercase letters. If you want to assume otherwise, the following blog post will still be 99% relevant.

Here is my pseudocode for the naive implementation:

# remember: palindromes must have the same…

Catching ‘Em All

This is a great weekend to be in New York, particularly in Central Park, where there are crowds of being playing Pokemon Go basically with no reason to talk to each other in real life but with everything in common in a virtual world based geographically on…

Hello, world. I’m at a fascinating time in my life at the moment so I thought I’d blog about it. Tomorrow I begin Viking Code School, an online programming “bootcamp” I applied for on a whim in the spring when I realized community college courses were only slowing me down…

Matt Hinea

Web Developer

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