A Hello, World Blog Post by Moi

Matt Hinea

Hello, world. I’m at a fascinating time in my life at the moment so I thought I’d blog about it. Tomorrow I begin Viking Code School, an online programming “bootcamp” I applied for on a whim in the spring when I realized community college courses were only slowing me down. Viking is legit, and I’ve already learned more in the prep work than I did in 18 credits at Spokane Community College (nothing against the faculty there — shouts out!).

On a more personal note, I’m in Brooklyn, New York! I know, random. The circumstances surrounding my arrival aren’t so interesting as the number of beautiful people I’ve met since then, some via the internet, some randomly/haphazardly, but all exploring interests very similar to my own. As much as I love my hometown, it’s good to get out every once in a while and realize there are people out there doing almost exactly what I’m doing, with their own similar but distinct mindsets.

I hope to check in here weekly, to talk about the personal as well as technical aspects of learning to code that fascinate me. I’ve been programming synthesizers for almost two years now, so I’m very hungry to learn about what programming in a business-applications environment looks and feels like.

Ciao for now!

Matt Hinea

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Web Developer

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