Algorithm #3029823450

Matt Hinea
Aug 8, 2016 · 3 min read

“Given a string, find the longest palindrome that can be constructed by removing or shuffling characters from the string. Return only one palindrome if there are multiple palindrome strings of longest length.”

# remember: palindromes must have the same letter at [0] and [-1], [1] and [-2], etc.
# scan the string for duplicate letters
# return a single letter if no duplicate letters exist
# when a pair of letters is found, add them to beginning and end of new string, and remove them both from the original string
# if, when no pairs are left, there are still characters remaining in the string, add one of them to the string at index [string.length/2]
def longest_pal(str)  longest = []  loop do 
alpha = str.scan(/([a-z])/)[0][0]
all_of_alpha = str.scan(/#{alpha}/)
letter = all_of_alpha[0]
if all_of_alpha.length >= 2
remaining = all_of_alpha.length - 2
longest.insert(0, letter)
longest.insert(-1, letter)

remaining.times do
str << letter
break unless str.each_char.find { |c| str.count(c) > 1 }
letter = str.scan(/([a-z])/)[0][0]
longest.insert(longest.length/2, letter) unless str.empty?
def longest_pal(str)  beg = ""
mid = ""
count = {}
i = 0
while i < str.length
count[str[i]] ||= 0
count[str[i]] += 1
i += 1
count.keys.each do |letter|
if count[letter].odd?
mid = letter
count[letter] -= 1
i = 0
while i < count[letter]/2
beg << letter
i += 1
end last = beg.reverse
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