How Solo Travel Transformed My Life

Traveling is an experience that is hard to describe in words, it needs to be felt. Nothing compares to the feeling of packing your bags and heading to the unknown.

When I decided to travel “solo” for the first time, a lot of emotions were going through me: nerves, excitement and anxiety but after taking my first solo trip I began to realise that travelling is not just about boarding a plane, taking pictures and sightseeing… it prepares you for the much bigger journey of life. The trips that you take solo are your memories and they live with you forever.

This is what solo travel taught me and how it transformed my life:

Solo travel makes you independent

In the past I was nervous to go another city in the UK on my own, let alone in another country. But today, I can say with confidence that I can travel anywhere alone.

When you travel solo independence happens naturally. There is no one there with you to watch your belongings or help you find your way around, you gotta do it on your own, and the more you handle these problems, the more confident and independent you become.

Solo travel makes you get out of your comfort zone and be yourself

Living at home you tend to have a set routine which you go through everyday, this is your comfort zone.

Growing up, I was a very shy person, who would only mingle with a few people and would try and avoid social situations.

When you travel solo, you quickly find that you have to get out of your comfort zone and start figuring things out on your own, such as navigating new places and talking to strangers. This will enable you to grow yourself to depths even you wouldn’t think was possible.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Solo travel enables you to meet new people and make friends for life

Having lived in a single place all my life, I had a small set of friends with whom I grew up with. But all this changed when I took my first solo trip, I have met loads of interesting people with whom I shared an instant connection with, and got some new friends for life. I now have friends from all over the world and made amazing life friendships.

Solo travel helps you feel free

Working a 9 to 5 can make us dull and get trapped into a never ending cycle.

Traveling gives you a break from this cycle and rejuvenates you both mentally and physically.

Traveling with friends and family is fun too, I get that, but traveling alone is something truly special. Its one of those few things that you do for yourself and nobody else. After all you need to treat yourself from time to time, right?

During my solo trips, I have explored my inner self and expanded my boundaries which people around me have seen a big difference in my personality and my overall happiness.

So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket and go explore the world….

How has solo travel changed your life?

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Hope to see you again :)