Day 1 and 2: Central Kyoto

I got to Kyoto at 10am and it was chucking it down with rain. My room wasn’t going to be ready until 3pm so I went exploring in the local area. The first stop was Chion-in temple, it was simply amazing. The architecture was beautiful.

Tokyo is a city like no other, filled with culture and nightlife to match. Here is how I spent my 7 nights in Tokyo.

Day 1: Shibuya and Harujuku

My flight landed at 8am, I got the narita express to Shibuya, where my hotel was.

The narita express is very efficient and it took me…

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So I have been using Tinder and Bumble for the past few months, and I am frustrated! I am frustrated because of the endless swipes with no matches.

Here are a few of my frustrations with these apps:

1. Based on appearance

I have found that people will swipe based on how you look…

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