What is Total Quality Management?

Total quality management is an organization-wide philosophy with its core values centered on continually improving the quality of its product and services, and the quality of its processes, to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This means that everyone in the organization — from top management to the employees — plays a role in providing quality products and services to customers. Even suppliers and the customers themselves are part of the TQM.

Five Principles of TQM

In order to exceed customer expectations, an organization must embrace five principles:

  • Produce quality work the first time
  • Focus on the customer
  • Have a strategic approach to improvement
  • Improve continuously
  • Encourage mutual respect and teamwork

Information technology technicians monitor the website for client activity.

Producing quality work (the first time) means quality is built into the processes for producing products or providing services, and continual Improvement measures are taken to ensure the processes work every time. Employees are empowered to make decisions to improve a process and are provided with continual training to develop their skills.

Before: I don’t care about the quality work. I was careless.
After: I learned by producing bad quality I am increasing my expense rather then profit. So its ultimate my loss.

Focusing on the customer involves designing products or services that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. This involves the product itself, its functionality, attributes, convenience and even the means by which the information about a product is received by a client.

Before: I just cared about myself, my profits, my expenses and all.
After : I realized that my biggest assets are my customers. If i don’t care about them then immaculately i will not be able to earn profit.

I can take learning from marketers as well. As Marketers use a wide variety of media sources, like social networking, e-mail and texting.

Having a strategic approach to improvement, processes are developed and tested to ensure the product or service’s quality. This also involves making sure suppliers offer quality supplies needed to produce products.

Before: Just living my life without having knowledge of market. Was following and listening to everyone to be perfect.
After: You can’t be successful until you are planning for the long term. What you really want to achieve in future to be successful.

Improving continuously means always analyzing the way work is being performed to determine if more effective or efficient ways are possible, making improvements and striving for excellence all the time.

Before: I was continuing improving myself before TQM but still some lack of concerns were there.
After: I get to know the process, how to continuous improve your self slowly or gradually or sometimes radically.

Encouraging mutual respect and teamwork is important because it fosters a single-organizational culture of excellence by knowing that every employee from top to bottom of the hierarchy holds the same core principles at heart.

Before: As I told before I was not a group person. I like to work individually just care for myself.
After: I learned that you cannot achieve everything being individual. Sometimes you have to collaborate in order to get more outcome in less input. That will be of course the win win situation for all of us.
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