In mid-May, the best and the brightest will come together to compete in StartupBus North America, the continent’s most epic competition — combining the magic of a hackathon and road trip to create the ultimate adventure on wheels (Tell me more!).

We’ll be hitting all the raddest hot spots and tech shops as we make our way to Boulder Startup Week, where buses from 3 countries & 7 cities will converge in the quest for StartupBus glory.

If you’re crazy enough to hop on a bus and build a business with a bunch of strangers in 3 days — or you know someone who is — send them our way.

Equal parts hackathon + road trip + global community = StartupBus

The StartupBus is building the largest global community of tried & tested Hackers (developers), Hipsters (designers) & Hustlers (influencers). This entrepreneur bootcamp includes all the essential stages of building a startup including from concepting to pitching.

On May 15th, 200 hundred brave, hand-picked, souls will hop on buses full of strangers to conceive, build & launch a start-up in 72 hours. During the 3-day road trip to Boulder, CO buspreneurs will stop at various cities to visit coworking centers and network with other entrepreneurs. …

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