What the heck is a StartupBus?

Equal parts hackathon + road trip + global community = StartupBus

The StartupBus is building the largest global community of tried & tested Hackers (developers), Hipsters (designers) & Hustlers (influencers). This entrepreneur bootcamp includes all the essential stages of building a startup including from concepting to pitching.

On May 15th, 200 hundred brave, hand-picked, souls will hop on buses full of strangers to conceive, build & launch a start-up in 72 hours. During the 3-day road trip to Boulder, CO buspreneurs will stop at various cities to visit coworking centers and network with other entrepreneurs. They will have the opportunity to share their startups, get feedback and practice pitching.

The buses will arrive in Colorado just in time for Boulder Startup Week where the teams will compete with one another in a pitching contest. The top teams will have the opportunity to complete their final pitch on the TechStars stage to investors and alongside more established businesses; creating real opportunities to take their ideas and implementations to the next level.

2016 Buses:

  • New York — Press & Media
  • Tampa — Food & Beverage
  • Akon— Makers/Iot
  • St. Louis— Health & Fitness
  • Mexico City — Emerging Markets
  • Vancouver — Social Impact
  • San Francisco — Transportation

Are you crazy enough to hop on the StartupBus? Apply today!

For more information about how to get involved with the StartupBus, contact Theresa Hines at stlouis@startupbus.com or LinkedIn.

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