F96/F96 Pro Fluorescent Spectrophotometer

The measuring sensitivity of fluorescent spectrophotometry is 2–3 order higher than that of UV VIS spectrophotometry. It can offer the information of excitation & emission spectrum, light emitting intensity & life, quantum yield rate, fluorescence polarization etc. and a wide linear range of operating curve, so that it has become an important means involved in trace analysis.


* Whole aluminum metal alloy die-castings.

* The emission monochromator adopts 1200 line diffraction grating, its large aperture and non-spherical reflecting mirrors produces extra high sensitivity.

* High stable and long life Xenon lamp and it’s power ensure high stable testing and wide range of spectrum.

* High performance photomultiplier to gain best signal-noise ratio.

* Built in SCM technology,auto 0% and auto background subtraction.

* 0–7 stage gain adjustment.

* Real time fluorescence reading and concentration printout.

* Single-point sample concentration direct reading ability.

* Provide 2 working modes: main unit test mode and software test mode.

* Quantitative and qualitative software with PC, full automation, three regular function, kinetics measurement, quantitative measurement and spectrum scan.

F96 Standard Configuration:

F96 Spectrophotometer 1 PC

Power cable 1 PC

Operation Manual 1 pc

Fuses (5 A) 2 pcs

1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvettes 1 Pairs

Quantitative and qualitative software package 1 set

Packing list 1 PC

Apart from F96/F96 Pro Fluorescent Spectrophotometer, there are SP-1920 Double Beam uv spectrometer, 721G uv visible spectroscopy, Cell uv visible spectrometer, and 752S uv vis spectroscopy.

If you have any questions or concerns about uv-vis spectrometer, please feel free to contact us through Email or Phonecalls.

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