WYA-Z/ZT Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer


* Full automatic measuring, avoid personal error

* Touch Screen

* The material of test hold is hard glass, wear resistant

* Have the function of temperature display, automatic correction and saving the date

* Thermostatical control, temperature automatic correction and saveing the data (WYA-ZT)

* RS232 Specifications

* Measuring range refractometer brix

Refractive index nD: 1.3000–1.7000

Brix (BX-TC): 0–100%

Brix (BX): 0–95%

* Measuring accuracy:

Refractive index nD: ±0.0002

Dissolved solids Brix:±0.1%

* Measuring resolution:

Refractive index nD: 0.0001

Dissolved solids Brix: 0.1%

digital refractometer

* Temperature

Temperature display range: 0–50°C

Temrmostatical control range: Room Temperature±10°C (WYA-ZT)

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