Goodness Starts Before 8

I awoke early this morning. The day still dark. I stretched. It felt early. Too early. The green LED clock told me it 4:45. My bare feet hit the cool floor. Slowly I trudge into the bathroom and flip on the lights.

The brightness jolts my system.

I wash and lather my face.

Shaving scrapes away the sleep.

I go back into the bedroom. Without turning on the light I put on running shoes, shorts, and shirt. Then head into the kitchen to flip on the coffee maker. Fresh coffee waiting at then of a morning jog is a simple reward.

On the street, I walk for a half mile or so. Then slowly start to jog. Stiff muscles begin to warm. Muddled mind begins to clear. By the time I reach the final hill I’ve hit my stride. My pace is smoothe. I’m ready for the day.

Back to the kitchen the coffee awaits. I sit down for morning reading and meditation. I’m instantly reminded of all the things I’m greatful for.

And to think, last night I thought I’d sleep in and skip the run. Each day I am reminded of one simple truth: Everything good starts before 8 am.

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