I Look at My Medium Stats and Stop Writing

Last week I went and looked at my stats. I did it on a whim. Just a random “oh, I should check my Medium stats” sort of thought. I clicked on my profile and selected “Stats” from the drop down menu.

Suddenly I realize my half dozen readers have dwindled to two. Not that six is a large number, but there was that one post that had 11 reads. I never understood why. And there’s that other post, that I really liked which had none.

Immediately my not caring about stats before looking was replaced with dismay. I did care. I cared about something I had no control over.

Suddenly it was no longer enough to just write every day. Now when I sat down to write I thought no one is going to read this.

In the beginning, that was okay. I was writing to fulfill a goal. The goal is writing every day for 100 posts. Then last Friday and Monday I skipped writing. Why bother? No reads it anyway.

Today I reminded myself that I was writing for the discipline of writing every day. Regardless if anyone reads, I will write.

How to not care about others? Not look at stats. Not care about stats. Keep the goal of simply writing foremost in mind.

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