It Ends With Me

My father enjoys sending me “fascinating” news links he discovers from that queer fedora wearing fellow Matt Drudge. Occasionally he mixes it up with the a video from former Bill Clinton chief of staff now conservative pundit, Dick Morris.

I’ve told him repeatedly I don’t enjoy these emails. Yet they continue to arrive. My father’s a smart man, especially when it comes to his chosen profession. But when it comes to politics he’s given to saying things like, “I don’t trust anyone from Wisconsin.” An actual quote when I stood up for the virtues of Paul Ryan. When I asked, “Why?” he glowered and grew mute.

My response has been to send him the ever so helpful and informative piece I read on Politico, Daily Beast or a wiz kid Harry Enten post from FiveThirtyEight.

Then yesterday it struck me. He and I were doing the exact same thing. That it was up to me to break the cycle. That I was alienating someone I love. Doing was not about persuasion and moral high ground but about my own arrogance.

My new motto: Be civil. Be family. Just love.