Milk the Moment

I’ve got a bad habit. I rush through things, especially when public speaking. I so want to get to the end I skip important details.

Recently my friend and fellow Toastmaster, Michelle, told me it’s all about milking the moment.

“Take your time and allow the moment to blossom,” she said, “Give it room to breathe. Let what you don’t say be the power in what you say.”

This is true in not just speaking but in life. Milk each moment. Make them count. Richness comes from giving pause to the moment. Allow each moment to breathe.

Friendships grow more from silence than words. Silence is understanding. Continual chatter often masks distance.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Through our stillness comes knowledge of the holy and intimacy with the omnipotent. It is the stillness of the animal about to capture her prey. Body poised for attack. Not a semi-comatose state of post-Thanksgiving lethargy.

Silence forces introspection.

Self-talk obviates self-reflection.