Waking Up the Brain

I wake. Pull my iPhone off the dresser and squint to see the time. Instead of seeing the time on the lock screen the fingerprint recognition zooms me to the home screen. Now the time at the top is too small to read without my glasses. I relock the phone and try again. After several attempts, I finally see 6:03 am.

I set up and take my morning no-coffee-for-an-hour pill waiting beside the bed with a cup of water. My mind registers the tepid water as I gulp. Slowly I slump back to the bed. Turning over everything fades to black.

One hour later I wake with a start. Putting on my glasses I walk to the bathroom. Harsh lights greet my squint into the mirror. Turning the water on full blast I wait for it to heat and apply shaving cream to my face. The razor is dull making little tugging sensations as I draw it across my chin, but not enough drag to cut.

I think, “Maybe I can get one more shave out of this razor. How many has this been?

“Maybe two weeks? Or is this three weeks?

“Can I make it last six months like I did with the last razor?

“That YouTube video showing how to straighten razor blades really works.

“What’s Harry’s razor’s like? I should give those a try.

“I’ve got at least 10 blades left at this rate it will be several years.

“Maybe I should just go ahead and give them a try now.

“What podcast has that discount code?

“Those online reviews are fascinating.

“Maybe I should get that electric razor at Costco.

“That would save time.”

Whirring Mind Engaged

Now add a shot of coffee and the day begins.