Watch the Edge

Things that Cause Stumbling, Tend to Always Cause Stumbling

Every day I walk the same route from the from the coffee shop home. Every day I catch my fall at exactly the same place. One sidewalk slab is about an inch higher than the other. (See my oversaturated pic above.)

You’d think I would learn, but I don’t.

I’m sure if I consciously watched I’d easily avoid having to a midgate stagger. But I’m listening to a podcast. Typing an email. Or just enjoying the day.

Maybe it will take a full on tumble for me to remember the edge. One of those where my backpack flies forward. My iPhone ricochets off the pavement. Concrete grinds the skin from my knees and palms.

I’ll lay there for a moment, stunned, wondering what happened. I’d get up slowly, wondering if my laptop and phone survived.

Gingerly I’ll pick up my iPhone and flip it over expecting another shattered screen.

Then next time I’d remember.

Life lessons are the same.

Pain teaches.

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