When Snap Chat Rules the World

The day is long. And weariness saturates the body. The oscillating fan churns noisily in the corner cooling the room. A yawn overtakes me as a stifle a sigh. It feels good to be weary from the journey. The end of today is the end of a good day.

Digital work causes furrowed brows with no sweat. The tension in the shoulders and not the biceps. There are no long rows of accomplishment only the more that is never satisfied.

The email box that never empties.

The twitter that continually refreshes.

The Facebook with its endless scroll.

If only the digital world followed the queue of Snap Chat. It’s here and gone. Never lingers. Never demands more. Take me or leave it says. I am here to enjoy but not here to forever nag you that you’ve not look at me in ages.


Taste my goodness.

Then leave.

I’ll not miss you.

I’ll be here.

With more.

With better.

With new.

That is the promise of a new digital age. A promise that someday all will be willing to embrace. No all will demand. For then the old will meet the new and peace rise like a dove.

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