HiperWaves Coin

HiperWaves Coin
May 18, 2018 · 2 min read

HiperWaves Coin


HiperWaves Coin

Exchange is active at Waves Client.
I look forward to your exchange (bid & ask: purchase & sale) offers.

HiperWaves Coin Description

What is the HiperWaves Coin? HiperWaves Coin is a digital assets (like cryptocurrency, etc.). The goal of the HiperWaves Coin is simple: BlockChain, Strategy, Education. The main aim of this “HiperWaves Coin” is to teach the strategic significance of the blockchain with its educational tools and its wide applications. Blockchain is to evaluate from the perspective of a scientist and an educator.

HiperWaves Coin’in Tanımı

HiperWaves Coin nedir? HiperWaves Coin bir dijital varlıktır (kriptopara ve diğerleri gibi). HiperWaves Coin’in amacı basittir: BlockZinciri, Strateji, Eğitim. Bu “HiperWaves Coin” asıl amacı eğitim araçları ile blokzinciri’ni stratejik önemini ve uygulamalarını geniş kitlelere öğretmektir. Blokzinciri bir bilim insanı ve eğitimci açısından değerlendirmektir.

Specifications: Özellikler

Waves Name (Adı): HiperWaves Coin

Waves Ticker, Symbol (Sembolü): HiperWaves, HiWC, HPRWC, HiperW Coin

Waves Algorithm: PoS (Power of Stake)

Waves Contract Address: Asset ID: 26nBwhPGwD4cjsa6CB4Htun4E8c6LxQeR9oS9WYfR55z

Waves Decimals: 8

Waves Initial: 12 May 2018

HiperWaves Coin Official Websites:

  1. https://hiperteknoloji.org (Official website)
  2. https://hiperteknoloji.org/2018/05/13/hiperwaves
  3. http://mehmetkececi.com/blog/2018/05/16/hiperwaves/ (Official)

HiperWaves Coin Official Social Links/Websites:

  1. https://twitter.com/hiperwaves (official, live)
  2. https://wavestalk.org/crypto-scene/(ann)-hiperwaves-coin (official)
  3. https://www.facebook.com/HiWCoin
  4. https://www.reddit.com/user/HiperWaves
  5. https://medium.com/@hiperwavescoin
  6. t.me/HiWaves
  7. https://plus.google.com/u/0/112116036570922024207
  8. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiperwaves/
  9. https://github.com/HiperWavesCoin/HiperWaves
  10. https://medium.com/@hiperwavescoin/hiperwaves-coin-ebad15032c4b

Other Links: Diğer Linkler

  1. https://medium.com/@hiperwavescoin/hiperwaves-coin-ebad15032c4b
  2. https://medium.com/@mkececi/hiperwaves-coin-fd03ca968f57
  3. https://paper.li/enfonomi/1523457355#/
  4. https://paper.li/enfonomi/1523485208#/
  5. https://paper.li/mkececi/1487423753#/
  6. https://paper.li/mkecheci/1506593771#/


  1. https://hiperteknoloji.org/ht/HiperWaves.pdf (official)

HiperWaves Coin

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#HiperWaves #HiWC #HiperW #HiperWCoin #Cryptocurrency #BlockChain #Kriptopara #Blokzinciri #HiperWavesplatform #Coin #Token #Hiperteknoloji #HiperBlockChain #HiperBlokZinciri

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