A Three Part Analogy to Human Nature

I know a bald, goatee teamster who just bought a large Texas plot of land, a ranch house set on easily thirty acres, wooded, pool, pool house, and a green pond his wife says they’re going to stock.

Later, thinking about it how odd it sounded to stock a pond caused this to roll out of me.

Josh: Three things. Rain comes and the waste from the flower bed washes in to the pond. Over time, the fertilizers and runoff make it a sludge, fit only for dragonflies and resenting for its ugliness. Bubbling there. Or, with just a hint more care, as to not allow the land to wash it into disintegration, the human tends to it but doesn’t care for it, making it nothing but a consistency out the back window. Now the third option may sound a bit less natural, almost contrived, but possible, and even optimal. You go out, and you buy fish at a game shop, and you stock that pond. You build and ecosystem, fish and flies, and underwater vines, suddenly your grandchildren catch trout out there, memories hang in pictures on the wall, the water exhales at night, family builds a rowboat with a name, you’ve even got yourself a little market economy if you opened a side of the road fish stand. It’s been like that always actually. Devastate, idle, create. The pond tells the man.