Oh summer, the warm sunshine, weekend getaways, and awesome interns. Summer wouldn’t be the same without these young talents contributing to our work at Hipo. We thought that we would share a few tidbits about these great characters, and how they fit in with the team. …

Every Thursday, people at Hipo talk about their interests and experiences during HipoTalk sessions. Last week, Mert Güneş shared his own experience on Pokémon Go. Let’s see what he says about this super popular game.

1) Why do you think Pokémon Go is breaking the internet right now?

I think…

By: Kaan Eryilmaz @hipolabs

I want to talk about Tidal, the “new” music & video streaming service from a designer’s point of view. Yeah I might be late but who cares.

My first experience with Tidal

They first launched in US about a year ago with a sharp looking website, and as a music lover, this idea of High Fidelity sound got me excited. I was listening to flac every now and then but having all that content at your fingertips sounded magical.

I did not…


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