Do Teeth Get Seasonal Allergies

What many might not know, is that teeth are actually affected by seasonal allergies. Teeth aren’t impervious to this, especially since the body does react to allergies. If you get seasonal allergies, chances are you might also get them in your teeth. If you think about it, you might get sinus problems, a sore throat, and even dry mouth, which will lead to tooth pain, and it can compromise your oral health. You should discuss this with your dentist in Chandler, Arizona first before you begin, but here are a few things that you should know, and a few common allergy symptoms in teeth.

The first, is tooth pain. If you’ve ever had allergies, chances are you might know how the pressure is in the head, cheeks, and nose, and often, you might feel as if your head will explode. This is the sinus pain that you get from allergies. Now, the pressure builds up in the sinuses around the mouth area. From this, the pressure will then move to the roots of the upper teeth, which in turn will cause pain in the mouth. This can actually be a very uncomfortable situation for people because it can feel like your sinuses are practically slapping you in the face. Which totally isn’t fun.

Then there is the sore throat that can also come from this. Often, most allergies do involve a stuffy or runny nose, and if you get seasonal allergies, you know that mucous loves to fall from the nose. However, the buildup doesn’t actually begin at the nose area, but it’s behind the nose and eventually will drip down into the throat, and this is what causes a sore throat. Often, since nobody likes this, you’ll then start to take some drugs such as cough syrup, or have a ton of cough drops as well. This might actually be a great thing for your throat, since it soothes it, but not for the teeth, since it will damage it in the long run. If you drink it before bed, make sure that you brush your teeth, since the medicine is very sugary and eats away at teeth. Ideally, take it before you brush your teeth, or sometime during the day.

Then there is dry mouth, which is probably the worst thing to have when you suffer from allergies. Think about it, if your nose is totally plugged up, you can’t breathe, so you gotta breathe through your mouth. But, if you breathe solely through your mouth, you will dry up the saliva faster than you thought before. This can then cause the bacteria to fester there, which will lead to cavities, severe gum disease, and even just bad breath in general, which totally isn’t fun.

If you do have this going on, there are a few things that you can do to help protect the teeth in order to help you ensure that you have the healthiest mouth possible especially during this trying time. First, make sure that you drink a lot of water. Just do it, since it’ll help with dry mouth. Keep your oral health at the best it can be, making sure that you brush and floss. If you do have pain, gargle with salt water., this will help to ease it. If you do take any sorts of syrupy medicines, then make sure that you rinse after that. Finally, make sure that you visit the dentist, since they can get all of that gunk off.

Allergies aren’t a joke, and they can be quite hard on many of us. However, by ensuring that you do take your time and do work to make sure that you see your dentist in Chandler, Arizona whenever you need it, you’ll be feeling a whole lot better. You’ll be feeling a whole lot happier, have a much better sort of situation, and in general are much happier about your overall health as well. Do this, and you’ll be able to make sure that you do get the care that you need despite the allergies kicking your butt, and it will make this a whole lot more tolerable for you as well for now.