Reading Deprivation for a Week

I am a book junkie, and also a Twitter addict. I am always reading something, so reading deprivation for a week, which is a task in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, seemed a real challenge.

Today is the first day. In the morning, I told myself not to read books, tweets, and stories on Medium. What shall I do then? I thought of listening podcasts, BBC’s 6 Minutes in English, while playing games. It was fun, but I sensed that something was wrong because I absorbed as much information as I normally do when I read articles on the web.

I read ”The Artist’s Way” again to check whether I was wrong. Yes, I was wrong. What she wants us to do is block out external information: no books, no TV, and no radio.

I am finally getting excited. Isn’t it like going on a trip? Reading deprivation may offer me an out-of- the-ordinary experience.

I am going to make pancakes tomorrow morning.

Originally published on Lang-8. I thank hehehehe and bill marie from Lang-8 for correcting my English.

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