A Boy and a Girl

Part one

As I’m writing this, Eric Whitacre’s “This Marriage” starts playing.

Oh the irony.

For our purposes here, we will name her Madison (sorry if this is your name).

Madison is a gorgeous young woman with a smile that can make any day better. She works out, goes to school full time, works 2 jobs-about 30 hours a week, is on scholarship for Vocal Music, and drives 30 minutes, five days a week, to and from school. She does all of this with a positive attitude, which is something I respect and adore. Sounds like a catch, right?

We met each other through a mutual friend who I’m living with temporarily until I move into my new place in about a month. Let’s call her Molly. Molly is in a theatre production the college is hosting this weekend. She invited the small cast of about 10 over to our place to chill and hangout that Thursday after a successful opening night. I didn’t know anyone there, but they all seemed like reasonable human beings.

Some time passed by, when I heard that Madison was coming over as well. She wasn’t a part of the cast, but she happened to be Molly’s best friend. The three of us were in Choir together. At that time I really knew nothing about her, except she was a Soprano, usually standing in the corner of the room, wearing skinny jeans and a pair of converse, just keeping to herself.

Last August, entering my Sophomore year of college (Madison’s first year of college), I tended to catch myself staring at her in Choir. She seemed to always wear the combination of Converse and skinny jeans. Typically she has one of the most unenthused looks on her face, yet somehow i found this expression pretty damn sexy. Me eyeballing her every day went on for quite a while. How could I have kept myself from staring at her?

Man this woman is attractive.

She never noticed the staring.

At least I hope not.

Looking back I consider the several days of eye humping foreshadowing.

Fast forward to the present.

She came over that night dressed in her work uniform. This consisted of a black t-shirt that had the restaurants name in the corner, blue skinny jeans, and a pair of Sperrys (no converse this time). She was quiet most of that night, probably because she didn’t know anyone there except for our mutual friend Molly. She knew of me, but I was basically non-existent at that point.

After more time passed, we all got tired of sitting around talking, so we decide to drive to one of the theatre kid’s friend’s house and get high. Madison and I ended up riding in the same car. Both of us were in the backseat. Something told me to talk to her. After a few minutes of gaining some confidence, I looked over and said that even though her and I never spoke before, I got the vibe she was an interesting person. She said “thanks!”, and told me I seemed like a cool person as well.

Alright. So far so good.

We all crammed into a small bedroom-circle formation. I ended up sitting on the hardwood floor next to her. There were blunts being passed around, as well as bowls. Keep in mind that neither Madison or I have smoked in our lives, and were the only ones there who were virgins (in a smoking sense). I was excited to try it though. I had an open mind with weed, and I’m a person who will try everything at least once.

Okay, maybe not everything.

It was kind of cute because we had to have everyone else show us how to smoke properly in order to get high. The blunts were self explanatory, but the others basically had to light the bowls for us, and say step by step exactly what we needed to do. The whole situation was funny because neither of us were getting high. We were just sitting there watching everyone else getting baked, but nonetheless still smoking the blunts when they got around to us. We acted like we knew what we were doing, being all cool and what not.

Oh my God, our legs are touching.

I learned later on that apparently you don’t really get high your first time. I was trying so hard to get baked, but it just wasn’t in the stars for me.

We were back at the apartment, everyone except the two of us were still high and off in their own world. I’d have to say it’s comical to say the least watching others being high while you’re just chilling in the background. Madison and I sat down next to each other in the corner of the tiny room by the speaker. I plugged my phone in and acted as the DJ. Good thing I have a party playlist on Spotify. She asked me if I had a snapchat. It actually caught me off guard.

Yes! She made the first move!

“Yeah!” I said in a calm and collected way. Of course I don’t want to act too excited.

We added each other, and life was grand.

Thanks to a pep talk Molly gave me a few days later about getting out there and finding a girl, later that Saturday night when she left for a date, I decided to send a snap to Madison. By the way, thank God Molly was clueless about me crushing on her best friend. I mustered up the confidence to really make the first move and seal the deal. After about 30 minutes, and a handful of bad selfies, I finally captured an OK picture of myself. Of course, I had to add a fancy filter too. After 30 more minutes, I finally overcame my fear of actually sending it. Just like that, off it went, traveling within a matter of seconds before reaching her phone. I simply asked how her Saturday night was going.

She replied almost immediately.

We went back and forth for a while, but it turns out she was receiving only half of my messages, so she asked if we could just text. I asked for her number. Without hesitation, she obliged.

Damn Wesley, you are on a roll.

For exactly a week straight, we would text each other every day-all day. The conversations were great. She actually seemed interested in the talks we were having. Molly would come home and tell me about how Madison showed her the 113 texts that I spammed her with the night before while she was sleeping. I mean, I thought it was kind of cute. The fact that she showed her best friend what I sent her was a sign that she thought they were actually entertaining, possibly cute to her, and was worth telling her closest. Whatever was happening between her and I...It was wonderful.

Wow, could this stunningly gorgeous girl actually be interested in me?

It really is a lovely piece.
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