The Best Free Chrome Extensions for Hacking Instagram Growth

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

1. Helper Tools for Instagram

Helper Tools for Instagram lets you do the following for free!

1) Export to CSV or Google Sheets a list of people following your own or a competitor’s account. yours or someone’s else followers/following people. When you are checking your list, you can see who you follow and who don’t follow you back. Some people follow you, and when you follow them back, they will unfollow you.

2) Follow all people from the list. Some of them will follow you back.

3) Unfollow all people who don’t follow you.

4) Find the common users between two Instagram accounts. — Use this to spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s account!!

5) Like the posts in your feed, or in someone’s else profile.

6) Calculate the total amounts of likes in your of someone’s else profile, and group them by likers.

7) Mass follow/unfollow from the list of user IDs

2. Like Pool

LikePool uses your account to like other users automatically. In return, you will get likes from other accounts. No login required, it’s free, and runs in the background as long as your browser is open.

3. EverLiker

EverLiker is an amazing Chrome extension that lets you auto-like accounts based on hashtags that you choose. The FREE version only lets you like based on hashtags that you choose, but you can upgrade to PRO if you want more features.

Each day, leave your browser open, and EverLiker will like up to 700 posts for you!

4. Downloader

Downloader lets you download photos and Insta Stories from anyone’s accounts! But remember to respect the owner’s copyright if you use this extension!

5. Instagram Analytics by WeFind

The Instagram Analytics by WeFind extension gives you a nice sidebar in any Instagram web page, with analytics for last 12 posts!

Well there you go! 5 free Chrome Extensions that you can use to take your Instagram account to the next level!

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