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24 hours. Just enough for your daily routine. Or, for an adrenaline pumped, emotional roller-coaster if you dive into a hackathon like I did last weekend. Curious what I’ve learned and how we won it? Thinking about participating to a similar event? Read on!

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Exciting news!

Marian, our kid with the Apples from hipwerk is presenting his startup at Pioneers Festival Vienna.

He and his co-founder Bogdan have a really cool hardware product called Sensewave that helps people with hearing defficiencies to feel the music.

Here’s how they describe the product themselves:

70 million

So you’re thinking about going to a Startup Weekend near you? Or it just popped up in your newsfeed and you want to find out what all the fuss is about? Read on.

Last weekend I had the chance to participate at Startup Weekend München. What an awesome event! Although…

This year was our first time to participate at CeBIT, and what a start it has been! Despite a strong headwind — our tiny booth was located opposite to one of the local powerhouses — the abundance of interest in our lean-startup process was simply overwhelming.

Being a last minute…

As an Android developer, I’ve learned a few lessons about mobile User Experience that are worth talking about, because, as it seems, many people are unfamiliar with the basic concept of User Experience (UX) and difference between platforms. …

In this post I am going to show you a way of creating a general model serializer. If you’re working with Django Rest Framework this can come in more than handy as it can handle any model object.


In Django Rest Framework creating a basic serializer class for a model…

You have probably read our previous post about a few awesome tricks from Gmail that help you test your app emails with development addresses. …

This year’s presidential elections in Romania were everything else but ordinary. Although the clear favorite was Victor Ponta (the president of the Social Democratic Party), Klaus Iohannis (the liberal underdog) won the race by a comfortable margin and wrote history by surpassing all expectations.

There are several factors that influenced…

Photo copyright goes to Banksy.

We’re starting the first post of a series on user experience. …

This weekend we’ll be at the largest travel expo from Romania.
We’re really excited, see you in Bucharest!

Originally published at on November 12, 2014.


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