The Secret Ingredient for improving productivity and Getting things done

Eat that frog with a Pomodoro.

Procrastination is in the veins of every human. It is like a “vampire” that’s eating our productivity and not letting us to reach to our full potentials. Many people including me have tried to overcome it but failed to do so. The“Instant gratification monkey” (an animal inside us who always craves for fun and play) friend of a procrastinator is not letting the procrastinator do any work.

I was also indulged in this evil habit of delaying my tasks, playing with gratification monkey and waiting for the Panic Monster to arise. But being an Amal fellow my life has changed entirely. The first thing I learned from my fellowship at Amal is that giving deadlines to your own self is very important as it increases your efficiency. Furthermore, it helps you to do plenty of things. Giving deadlines, making weekly schedules for your tasks and chunking your work all these techniques are tremendously helpful to be an efficient person.

Pomodoro Challenge:

To unchain myself from this gratification monkey I took the Pomodoro challenge as per instructions of the Amal’s online course. The change was to set a timer for 25 minutes and to focus entirely on the task that was meant to be done with full attention. After 25 minutes a break of 5–10 minutes was allowed. In addition to this repeat the entire thing as a minimum of four times.

I repeated the task four times and got amazing results. I am going to share my experience with you. When I set the timer first time I couldn’t focus fully as I am in the habit to get myself involved in the distractions. Just after 7 minutes I glanced at the timer that how much time has left. Then I peeked at the timer after 12 minutes and then after 17 minutes. So, these 25 minutes were so stubborn. I felt like the time has stuck somewhere. When timer buzzed after 25 minutes I felt very relieved. “Phew…!! 25 minutes passed, now it’s time for a break”.

This activity helped me to realize that how poor my attention span is. I set my timer again the second time. This time I was very keen to focus wholly to my work. This time I didn’t looked at the timer. Ignored all the distractions i.e. Facebook notifications, messages on my cell phone etc. etc. And here I go, the task I assigned to accomplish within 25 minutes was completed within 18 minutes. After completing my work when I looked at the timer there were still 7 minutes left. I felt very motivated, encouraged and excited as well that this technique works.

When I set my timer the third and the fourth time, again I completed the task within 16–17 minutes. It really amazed me. That how just paying attention we can change our own selves and can become more productive. It has made me a better person than yesterday and I am very hopeful that by adding this technique permanently into my life I would become a better person within a month. I would highly recommend this technique to all of you. I am very confident that you will find this extremely effective.