How to Use Invision’s Inspect for Better Development Collaboration

A great app is the perfect combination of beautiful design and seamless functionality. Making that happen however can be quite a challenge, when you have distinct teams of designers and developers, who have entirely different processes, methodologies and thought processes. Effective collaboration between designers and developers is one of the most important things an app needs.

Facilitating such a collaboration is the new tool called Inspect from InVision. With Inspect, design hand-offs become a whole lot easier, accurate and conducive. It allows designers and developers to generate code from the mock-up documents uploaded. Using the Prototype or the Board features, designers can accurately express their designs complete with slice images, full assets, colors and measurements. Every single value like fonts, typeface or palette can be downloaded and expressed perfectly. This way, developers see exactly what the designer’s vision is and can develop a product accurately. On the boards, both teams can discuss design challenges and collaborate for the best end result.

So if that sounds like reason enough to try Inspect out right now, quickly hop over to out detailed guide to using Inspect on your next project. We will help you understand Inspect in one go and start using it to simplify your design hand-offs as well as your life.

This is short version of original post published on Moveo Apps blog.

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