Rise of the Phone Case

Let’s face it: Cell phones are here to stay. With such widespread popularity comes a wealth of peripherals: necessary, nice, and not needed. In general, cell phone cases fall into the necessary category as a means of protecting one’s important and somewhat costly investment. Functionally, phone cases are designed to shield a phone in the event it is dropped, and it is a rare person indeed who does not drop their phone at least once or twice each year. Beyond protection, though, there are other considerations, such as the case’s appearance, design, functionality, construction material, quality, and price. Reviewing these features better prepares a cell phone owner to make a purchase, confident that he knows just what he wants. Here Hiramberon has a wide range of phone cases to meet every need.

With the advent of iPhone 6s, to protect your precious investment, a phone case is highly recommended. Here we prepared you a full details of our phone cases:

1. Durability

The phone case lends protection through microsuction pads interior; genuine leather exteriors. Such iPhone cases, not only cushion against cracks and scratches, but lend further protection from dust and sand.

2. Design

Whoever the person, whatever the lifestyle, a perfect phone case awaits. This solid color classic style case can help you stand out. This leather snap-on back case is easy to install and remove, and the ultra-slim design determines its ability to fit neatly into a pocket or purse.

3. Functionality

All people want a case that is both protective and attractive, or something that prevents their phone from slipping. These cases are precisely cut openings to allow full access to all the functions of your phone, and to provide easy access to all ports and buttons. Those who use charging stations instead of power cords do not need to remove a case each time their phone needs to be charged.

4. Fit

No doubt that it’s important for a case to fit the according model phone perfectly. It can be easy to drop the phone when it’s too loose, and also hard to remove the phone when it’s too tight. Compatibility with the phone’s functionality also bears thought, as the ideal case does not interfere with the camera, volume button, speaker, or headset jack.

5. Quality

Premium materials, skilled workmanship and attention to detail ensure the quality of every case.

6. Material

Hand crafted from full grain Italian leather with luxurious micro fiber lining. Microsuction pads are bonded to the inside surface of the case. This material will grip to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface with incredible force and does not leave any residue when removed.

Protecting our investment with a phone case is a low-cost way to ensure peace of mind; however, before clicking the “buy” button, it is wise to first review a few options, among them durability, design, functionality, material, quality, and fit.

With the rise of phone case, only when we know what’s a good case and how to choose a quality case, can we make a good deal!

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