A Quick Guide to Fire Suppression System

Fires are quickly becoming the leading cause of industrial as well as domestic disasters. They are the disasters that need to be detected on time and tackled immediately.

To prevent the damage of lifetime, it is necessary that your office or home be equipped with necessary fire suppression system.

What is a fire suppression system?

A fire suppression system is a fire detection and fire protection system designed to combat the ongoing and after effects of the fire. There are a variety of fire suppression systems available.

You can choose them on the basis of your need. Homes are equipped with basic fire protection equipment such as fire sprinklers and alarms while industrial and commercial buildings are fully equipped with detection and protection system.

The reason why you should have a fully connected fire suppression system is that they have automatic detection system.

It doesn’t matter if you are present in the premises or not. With its automatic setting, it automatically activates the system and raises the alarm. Early detection means that fire can be easily subdued with no harm done.

Different types of fire suppression systems
Selection of a perfect fire suppression system should be done with care. Make sure you understand all the risk the building can pose.

Understand the type of fire disaster that can happen. Only after doing an in-depth analysis select the fire suppression system that works perfectly for you.

  1. Fire alarms

Premium quality fire alarms use state-of-the-art technology to detect fire and raise the alarm.

The fire detector that can be built-in or separate warns the entire building beforehand and makes sure that everyone reaches safely.

2. Gaseous fire suppression system
In places with technology or chemicals, water sprinklers will do more damage.

In such places, gaseous fire suppression system works wonders. The gaseous fire suppression system work towards eliminating the factors that support the fire. It works on reducing heat and oxygen to choke the fire.

They maintain the levels of oxygen in which living beings can survive but fire cannot spread.

3. Fire sprinkler system
Commonly called water mist system, it works where the gaseous system cannot. There are two types of water mists system: High-pressure and low-pressure.

The high-pressure system has pressurized nitrogen cylinders to release water, while low-pressure system used storage tanks and pumps. The high-pressure system is a bit costly and uses a low amount of water.

4. Emergency lighting systems
The emergency lighting system is the basic lighting system that assists during a quick evacuation.

The emergency lights point towards the fire exits. And can be installed anywhere in the building. They can also be used in lifts and other places that need to be avoided in case of fire.

The fire suppression systems are a necessity. They can be little expensive but are worth the money. Once the system is installed, all you have to do is make checks every so often.

The system will detect and prevent the fire and save your home or office from extreme damage. Do not hesitate to consult us before buying fire suppression systems. We will ensure that you get the one suited to your needs.

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