Are Your Emergency Exit Signs Compliant?

Emergency Exit Signs

Whenever a fire breaks out, it becomes very important that everyone in the building finds the nearest safety exit. The first thing that an individual looks for is the emergency exit signs.

These signs have become synonymous with the safety. To keep the people safe and building secure, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)makes sure that all the building are compliant with the safety law.

Commercial, as well as residential buildings, need to meet the strict criteria of laws. These requirements make sure that in case of fire or any other emergency, the occupants of the building are safe. This safety is ensured by the complaint emergency exit signs.

Requirements for emergency exit signs:


As the emergency exit signs are present for safety, they need to be visible. The emergency signs must have the word EXIT written in bold with at least six inches in height and ¾ inch in width.

The EXIT sign should be clear of any obstruction and decoration. It should be visible from afar to the occupants.


A building has numerous doors. It is important that you clearly mark the exit doors. Other doors should be marked not exit or with the similar signs.

If the route of the emergency exit signs is not clear, the building management should put the appropriate signs indicating the route required for the emergency exit.


In case of emergency, the emergency exit signs need to be adequately illuminated so that the occupants can see the signs. Usually, the emergency exit signs are illuminated by the building’s power supply, they need to have sufficient backup power in case of power failure.

Each exit route needs to be lit in such a way that a person with normal vision is able to see. Ensure that your signs are working in compliance with the local codes and the regulations described by OSHA.


If you have installed a perfectly code-compliant emergency exit signs, don’t think your work is just done. The emergency signs require regular maintenance to keep them in working condition.

The 90- minute burn test should be done annually to make sure that all the signs and bulbs are in working condition.

You can even go and hire the safety specialist to install, check and maintain the emergency exit signs system.

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