Tips to Save Your Home From Fire

Save Your Home From Fire

Do you know that one home structure fire is reported every 90 seconds? There has been a rise in the home fires since the last few years. Lot of lives and property have been lost due to the fires. House fires need to to be extinguished quickly to save people and property.

The basic reason behind the house fire is the accidents. The accidents can be prevented only if you have knowledge about the measures that can be applied to stop the fire. Here are a few tips that can help you stay safe and minimize the future accidents:

Turn off extra electronic devices

If you leave the extra electronic devices on the stand-by, it minimizes the electricity consumption but increases the fire risk. By staying in the standby, these appliances can overheat or short-circuit increasing the fire risk.

You need to check the devices regularly to make sure that they are in tip top condition. Do not ignore electronic appliances if you want you home safe and sound.

Keep an eye on the gas

In the majority of the cases the fire originates from the kitchen. The faulty gas lines are often the reason. To ensure fire safety, always keep an eye on the gas tanks. Take additional care when the gas tanks are changed.

A small leak can lead to big accident. If you are going out of the town, switch off the regulator.

Fire safety information

Make sure that your family know everything about fire safety. From the much needed checks to the number of emergency services, make sure you teach your kids about the fire safety rules.

You need to plan the escape routes. There should be at least 3 exit routes in your home. Make sure you have a ladder in your home if you live on the first storey. If there is a fire happening in your home, make sure you crawl to go out and always feel the door handles for heat.

Fire protection equipment

If you do not have a fire protection equipments in your home, you should always consider getting one. While there are a huge amount of options available, you should select the ones that fit your budget.

You should install a wet agent kitchen suppression system. It will ensure that any kitchen accidents that can lead to fire will be lessened.

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