Top 5 Tips For Workplace Fire Safety

Workplace Fire Safety

Many building managers and property owners focus on preventing the fires at the residential properties. Nonetheless, it is very important to know about workplace fire safety.

Do you know that in 2013, the fatal injuries in workplace resulted in about 148 deaths? Couple this number with the amount of electrical equipment and the property owners have a fire emergency risk on their hand.

The workplace with fire protection equipment helps to make sure that the commercial property and the occupants are safe.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that your workplace is fireproof:

Get organized
First thing, each and every workplace should do is practice good housekeeping. Clutter in the office can lead to the easy spread of the fire. It can also block the exits during emergency leading to injury and loss of lives.

Proper smoking area
Smoking in proper areas makes sure that the cigarettes are properly extinguished. Make a policy of not smoking in chemical storage rooms or other storage areas. Sparks or ashes on the flammable materials can lead to the fire.

Fire protection services
It is very important that you maintain proper fire protection services in the workplace. Place the fire extinguishers in the available places and make sure that the occupants of the building know how to use them.

Electrical hazards
One of the common reasons behind the fire in the workplace is the electrical hazards. This generally happens when the wiring is faulty and there is a load on the wires due to the high volume of the electrical equipment attached.

Smoke detectors and sprinkler system
If you have sprinkler system, smoke detectors, and other fire protection system, make sure that you don’t block any opening. Also, make sure that you test the equipment annually to make sure that it works.

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