What you should know about fire extinguishers?

know about fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are one off the most important parts of any fire suppression services. It is a tool that comes is use at the time of emergencies. Theoretically, what people know is that the fire extinguishers start working once you pull the pin out. However, the extinguishers are so much more complex than that.

Here are a few things about the fire extinguisher that you should definitely know:

  1. Easy Access

The fire extinguishers need to be accessible. Each location should be clearly labelled and known to the building occupants and the owners.

2. Different types

It is very important to know about the different types of the fire extinguishers. During the regularly scheduled fire extinguisher inspection, make sure that the occupants are told all about the different types of fire extinguishers and how are they used.

Each extinguisher should be labelled with the type of fire it extinguishes. Remember, the wrong extinguisher can make the fire worse.

3. Remember P.A.S.S

Want to use the extinguisher, then remember P.A.S.S — Pull; Aim; Squeeze; Sweep. Pull the pin out of the extinguisher; Aim the nozzle at the fire; Squeeze handle; Sweep the nozzle side by side to douse the fairy tale.

4. Lift

There are extinguishers that are hard to lift. Before selecting one for your building, opt for the one that can be lifted by the building occupants at the time of need. You can check by conducting regular drills and inspections.

5. Fire Extinguisher Inspections

It is extremely important that regular fire extinguisher inspections are made. This is done to ensure that the equipment is in working conditions at all times.

A trained professional will make all the much needed repairs. The extinguishers need to be in the working order so that it works in case of an emergency.

It is not necessary that you should wait for the emergency to strike before you go on and learn about the fire extinguishers. While they look like an easy to use tool, the fire extinguishers are a bit complex.

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