Great article. —
Hildegard Gmeiner

It’s up to us, where we focus our intention. I intend for Medium to be a tool to create community. One in which people exchange ideas and experiences and learn and grow, due to respectful dialog.

If another decided, Medium, isolates and segregates, most likely it’s going to become there reality.

Like Henry Ford once said:

“You think you can. You’re right. You think you can’t. You’re right also.”

Human intention is very powerful.

Hence I am intending Medium to bring people together on & offline.

I consider it a great way to have people interested in a specific field, create potential collaboration and expand our awareness beyond, our unique specific fields of interest and expertise, also.

The intention of the individual, as in everything in life, will determine the outcome. — It is my intention, in all that I endeavour, to make a contribution to create community; seeing that, at least for the past four hundred years, the motto appears to have been divide and conquer, separate and segregate, unity consciousness has not yet become a reality on this planet. Still, I am very hopeful it’s going to happen. Possibly even in our lifetime.

Medium it me is a tool enabling learning, interaction with people, we might not meet in our street today and have them contribute and make a difference to our life via their contributions on Medium.

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