Soul-Essence focused Living

It took me thirty years and couple of near death experiences to figure out all the answers for my life are to be found within myself. Conditioned to listen to everybody else around me and valuing their opinions and ‘expert-advice’ more than my inner wisdom, had me on death’s door at age 33.

Looking back, I know without a shadow of a doubt, I am not and no one is a victim of circumstance, much to the contrary. However, many of us have been condition to perceive ourselves as such.

Human Beings lost touch with their natural state of being. We have to remember it.

Disease, the bad, the ugly and the most joyous experiences are all our creations. My reality at any moment in time comes about as an accumulation of the consequence of my past choices. May they be consciously made or unconsciously.

Playing the “Blame Game”, pointing fingers at others, will only perpetuate the disempowering beliefs, thoughts, words and self-sabotaging actions, resulting in more of the same.

The only person I truly have influence over is myself. I choose what’s worth of my attention and how to spend my time. All of us have choices. Yet all too often, we don’t make choices to transform our circumstances, because we are afraid of the unknown.

Awareness about the unknown being the safer route to take, than adhering to staying stuck in displeasing, ill-making situations, are the key to putting our life on a new track.

The first step in that direction is taking 100 % responsibility for what is. Practicing gratitude for our current life situation and forgiving ourselves and those, whom we might have perceived as being the villain, is absolutely necessary, if one desires to be living an authentic and inner-directed life.

We must know our inner ‘software’ and rewrite the program, if what is showing up in life is not to our satisfaction.

Our inner guidance system signals us from deep within our soul which new decisions we are to make. The trouble is, we are conditioned to spend more time following the prompting of our logical mind, than to our inner wisdom. — Initially I didn’t even know the difference between my conditioned left brain babbling and the voice of my essence-soul.

The task at hand therefore is, to invest the time in getting to know your Inner Self. Take the time to tame your mind; be still and become aware of how your souls-essence communicates with you.

The messages from within are subtle and soul communication is perceived differently by each person.

I hear my inner voice.

Once you figure out what makes you tick, reactions to what’s going on around you will become a thing of the past. We can live with ease and grace.

Our soul created this earthly experience before the body was made. All we desire, exists already. We have to tune in and allow for it to manifest.

Even though I initially found that hard to believe, today I have four grown children as physical reminders and proof that trusting my inner wisdom is always the right choice, even if initially the logical mind screams against it.

During the early 1990s I was told by my medical doctors, I would possibly die of a heart attack during the next fainting spell and never see my children graduate from grade school, not to mention university.

The odds appeared to be against me, yet trusting the UNKNOWN proved to be the best choice I ever made.

I highly recommend it.