It was 2013; a colleague and I had just co-founded a startup trying to teach young people digital skills and get them into work, and with some investment came the chance to hire some help. We hardly had tuppence to our name, and it was just two of us trying to build a platform, write training courses, talk to customers, come up with a brand, market ourselves… time was of the essence, since we only had a small pile of cash and a mountain of demands on our time and attention.

Hiring turned out to be vitally important to our…

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

It’s time for a revolution.

For time beyond recollection, it’s been normal for employers and recruiters to avoid providing one of the most important pieces of information there could be about a potential job opportunity — how much does it pay?

And for some reason, we tolerate it.

It’s always been glaringly obvious why they do it, of course. When they don’t post a salary, it means that they can ask candidates what their desired salary is for the position and throw the onus onto them. Without any other information to anchor the decision, most candidates end up requesting something…

Ian Anderson

Founder and CEO,

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