Californian to Louisville

My move out to Louisville for the summer is to complete a summer internship at an impact investment firm. The trip in was a pretty good experience. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel all over the world and most of the time with family, so visiting new places and people is not foreign to me. My adventure stated at 5:00am, Dad waking me up to get to LAX for a 8:55am flight. Parents are always like that, waking you up early just because they are worried something wrong is going to happen. So, I end up getting to the airport at around 6:25am clearing security by 6:45am and sitting at my gate waiting to board the plain at 8:30. I just plug my headphones in and start to listen to music. I board the plane at everything goes smoothly. I realized that the plane seemed to be getting full and saw a row with a son at the window and father in the middle, so my mentality was do I go to the back and hope for a great seat or do I snatch the isle seat while I can. The isle seat is key for be because being 6'2 its a necessity to get the leg room. Thus, I pulled the trigger at sat withthe the son and father. Everyone boards the plane and the flight attendants announce over the intercom that there ate 7 open rows in the back. I turn my head and only see every row has two people except for one row that have 3 but its a mother, baby child, and father. I chuckle for a little bit and say, “just my luck”, look back at the father next to me and he says,”don’t worry about it man we will have a good flight”. We got along well for the duration of the the flight. He was telling me everything to know about Louisville, like the proper way to pronounce it, how Bourbon is drink of choice, etc. Once I landed, I grabbed my luggage and headed for the taxi. On the taxi ride in, my driver was giving me the inside scoop on the town and what the popular spots are. I reached the place I was going to be staying at, and my roommates came out to assist with my bags and get me settled in. They are all great guys who are extremely driven, so it will be fun to see where this summer take us. We stayed up until late that evening getting to know each other and playing video games. Stay tuned for more…

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