I recommend article on Aug. 21

I often read article about front-end everyday. this time, I recommend several article. Let’s go immediately!

The Problem with CSS-In-JS, circa Mid-2016

Nowadays, I’m really interested in css in js. css is global name space. we can access class names. however, if we write to wrong the same class name, it is overwrite these property. To protect that, css in js. this article is so useful to us.

Use RxJS with React

this article describe Use RxJS with React.js. it was compared To use Redux with React.js and To use RxJS with React.js. it is really easy to understand. Although I’m not familiar with RxJS, I thought that I want to use it.

Angular 2 First Steps

A while ago, I was interested in angular2 because angular is most famous javascript framework. although I like angular2, I wanted to concentrate on learn one framework. as a result, I concentrated on learn React.js only. Long time no see, I read article about angular2 again. it was really excited! I wanna use that in the near future!


How’s it feeling? Although I’m not familiar with angular2, I want to try it near future! and good luck! hope to see you again! have a good front-end day!