Is jQuery necessary?

3 month ago, I knew React.js. and I started to use this. At the same time, I stopped to use jQuery.

Have you ever looked this post ?

jQuery is awesome great library. and so popular library for front-end and web designer. but nowadays, native javascript became so useful. In particular, ECMAScript2015 & 2016 is so many new syntax added.

for example, prototype was difficult to understand. it was complex. but, class syntax is familiar with us. class syntax added in ES2015. class is sugar syntax of prototype.

and, ECMAScript2015 new syntax list. look this below.

Let’s get back on track.

jQuery ajax is really useful and convenient. but if we use only ajax, Just a second.

I think, jQuery ajax is a little complex. if you use only ajax in jQuery, you should use there asynchronous libraries.

I recommend three libraries. first, superagent / second, axios / third fetch API.

I most recommend library is superagent. It is very easy to understand to write syntax.

import request from 'superagent';
.get(url, (err, res) => {
if (err) {
console.log(err); //to write error logic.
} else {
console.log(res); //to write response logic.

How was it feeling? I will learn more after, I write again! thank you for reading! have a good day!