Which do you use better gulp or webpack?

Nowadays, front-end development became complex. Accordingly, we started to use build tools. in particular, gulp, webpack, grunt are so famous.

I think, so many developer use gulp or webpack. recently, I’ve seen to use webpack quite a bit lately.

webpack is a module bundler. other than that, browserify is so famous module bundler.

In many cases, In order to use the browserify, it is necessary to bind to the gulp. it’s very common.

but webpack is full stack build tools! it is similiar to use gulp.

this is samples used webpack.

this is samples used gulp.

I think, if you use React.js, you should use webpack. because React.js have chemistry webpack.

Do you want to need ES2015 syntax in webpack.config.js?

if you want to need ES2015 syntax in webpack.config.js, it is so easy!

first, you should install babel and babel-plugins!

$ npm i babel-loader babel-preset-es2015 -D

and write .babelrc file!

"presets": ["es2015"],
"plugins": //if you want to need plugins, you write here.

Finally, you write webpack.config.js! …but wait a minute! you can change your webpack.config.js file. you should change webpack.config.babel.js!

and the last, I introduce webpack.config.babel.js file.

that’s all! I confused setting to my webpack config file. if this post help you, I’m so glad.

thank you for reading! have a good build day!