Learning “unlearning” and beginner’s mind

When you enter a new role or move to a new place, learning and adapting starts.

But as you learn, for most people, you are “unlearning” at the same time. What seemed to be common sense or the norm does not work here.

This is actually a great opportunity to come up with new ideas. You are letting experiences/skills/patterns blend with something different. This offen sparks innovative thinking.

Kids do this naturally. They ask the very basic questions.

In Japan we call this “beginner’s mind”.

You are taught never to forget this mind set. Always be humble, learn from everybody and everything, and be thankful.

I have found this very much true.

Randomly, or due to the choice of my field, I had entered the professional field of accounting.

In japan there are basically two specialties in this field; the tax accountant (zeirishi) who is a professional in understanding tax, and accountant who is specialized in auditing.

What I found out was that the majority of these people are quite out dated. If not using pen and paper, they still very much use fax, print out paper, file documents. Some even don’t use email. They cannot search something on the internet. They can’t tell the difference of PayPal and bitcoin.

Also, the majority has a lack of understanding people’s businesses.

What was a great discovery was that most don’t know how to setup/design an efficient process to run the day-to-day accounting.

This, in our side, was a great opportunity.

When you get old (oops! I should say experienced :) ), you start avoiding making a fool of yourself. You want to save face. You don’t want fall off your bicycle. You tuck your curiosity in and start ignoring it.

The basic questions are powerful.

Pressing on “why” can bring you to astonishing facts that even insiders don’t realize.

— — — —

Oh yes, and you can’t have more chocolate dear… ummm that would lead to cavities… umm there are some little things in your mouth that create things that melt your teeth especially when you eat sweets… umm well let’s see…