The movie ended and I distinctively remember thinking, “Is that it?” What just happened? This screams Ryan Reynolds. You said on snapchat, the makeup team had to paint your dick. Where was that? Obviously that was what I went to see the movies for.

Ok Ok. Deadpool was all that I was expecting from a Ryan Reynolds film. The rom com, villain-superhero movie coupled with Reynolds humor and a chick resembling Blake Lively. I can’t help but think this movie is a reflection of his own life. Its hard not to when you walk into the theaters knowing that this comic spoke to him so much that he directed/produced it.

Were all his other movies big hits? As we watched the lull of people stream into the movie theater, we tried to remember other feature films he participated in. Green Lantern — not too great, The Proposal — where he marries his boss to save her from being deported… Then there are others that I IMDb-ed including, the Croods 1 &2, and more importantly, X-men Origins, Wolverine, where he plays Wade Wilson- future Deadpool.

The introduction to the character: Who, What, Why, How

Themes included: love, consequences of decisions, how much of a fuck up can u become And still get the girl. It reflects his own worries of being a father, a husband and his child’s own superhero. The anxieties of acceptance and regret.

Lol. basically, in order to win the dead pool, he takes a huge risk, wins, but also at a price. He skin is chemo-ed beyond recognition.

So he wins back the girl and I’m of course thinking how long will that last. Is there a love like that out there? Their relationship was depicted in terms of sex and mutual attraction. IF dead pool was a girl, would the girl get the guy?

I guess the next story I’d want to see from dead pool would be…. if he could make the relationship last. If the girl can still fall madly, deeply in love with him. He joins the good guys, fights evil, blah blah.. Who does he fight?? He’s killed off everyone he wants to kill thus far….

Is he going to join the big leagues and star with Wolverine? Where will Ryan Reynolds take his character? Its been comedic for sure.. I’d like to see him tug heart strings. Appeal to all audiences and make it a classic. i’d like to see his skills getting better and better.

Who doesn’t yeah? Dead pool sets his potential. I want to see how he’s going to feed his family. lol. Its a defining time in his career and life. I want to expect great things. Ryan Reynolds has always been this one character type actor. I’m excited to see him expand and grow in his career.

I’m also basing this off of a statistic that married men with children have higher income than their unmarried peers. They have more pressure to succeed you know. Raise kids, support the family. He doesn’t really have room to fail. This is projected into the movie as well . Deadpool seems like a love letter to Blake Lively.

Through sickness. in health. Til Death do us part.

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