Live Lightly, Travel Often.

Only bring what is needed. Shed the excess weight. You should only travel with what you love and you will find what you love. Seasons come and go, places stay the same. People stay a while, move on to another.

I used to say I want a job that will let me travel, read books, live life. I want to write, be an artist, go to countries and understand their landscapes. I’ve done my fair share of traveling, I’ve always felt a little homesick.

It always stems from a place of guilt. Why am I here, what am I learning, I don’t deserve this vacation.

Whatever, I know I should travel, explore the world, learn about different cultures. I feel like I’ve been doing so all my life. Living in Singapore, Japan, California. I don’t necessarily want to take a plane and go somewhere to see buildings I want to travel within my own backyard. Take a backpack and go hiking. Drive a couple hours, see the ocean in a different angle.

Back into the wilderness. I want to take a backpacking trip, take a year off, do the John Muir Trail from Canada to Mexico. I want to walk through the forest, get lost in my thoughts. Push my physical limits.

Alternatively, I want to go to the snow. The day, starting with piping hot coffee, ending with cocoa by the fireside, cheeks flushed with warmth.Take my snow board and travel where there is snow. Shred down mountains, face plant into soft powder.

I want to take the scenic route. Slow steady, focusing on my quality of life. Bringing my attention back to my breath as I bike along side the ocean through the endless road of Highway 1.

These have all been dreams of mine, stowed away and forgotten. No one tells you that dreams never go away. They lay dormant and come to surface as you grow unsatisfied with your route. Keeps tabs of your dreams, follow them, take care of yourself and you will have no regrets?

Lesson #1 : Listen to your parents. Pack light.

I made the mistake of making a 90lb duffel bag on my Euro trip 3 years ago. Take note, I am currently 95lbs and I repeat. It was a duffel bag. My mom tried to warn me, offering to pay for a backpacking backpack. Lighter and easier to travel with she said. As children always do, I did not heed my mother’s warning.

In my mind, I was already packing light. You can only imagine my horror when I landed in the UK and had no idea how to lug my luggage, the size of a body bag through the city and into my hostel.

Lesson #2: Splurge When Necessary.

  • For example, go to Italy, buy some leather. Italian craftsmanship is an investment. Truffle salts, truffle oil, teas, wines… Please get cultured.
  • Know what souvenirs to get before embarking on your journey. This will save you unnecessary stress.

Lesson#3: Have a Plan

Its your money, its your time off. Figure out what is worth your time and do it. Understand safety concerns before hand.

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