Making of a List

My friend spoke to me of bullet journaling. Here are all the things I want for myself. In 500 words. Day 8

This list thing is hard. I told another friend that I was doing this and he asked what’s so important about lists. To which I replied, “ Maybe it helps me summarize my life. Break down what I want to be doing in bite sized pieces. I think it also keeps me accountable. I have been postponing my life for a long time, pushing things back to do later..”

I guess making this list helps with the planning process. Groups of lists perhaps make the tasks less daunting. However, I am quite overwhelmed already. Who thinks in lists? Apparently, the whole world. Think about the #How to lists, or the #Of ways list, or #Things to Do lists etc.etc. Thinking about it makes my head spin. Whatever, all those lists suck. I get sucked into them all the time.

This is hard, here goes nothing.—

Writing Topic Lists

  • Bitchs’ Beaches: What it means to live by the beach, love by the moon.
  • Architecture: Social constructs, buildings of form & function.
  • Economics: The Theory of Behaviors
  • Family Structures: Generational gaps; Raising Children in Volatile World
  • Imagining the Future: Long Now; The Next Century: Grandchildren.
  • The Age of Aquarius: On Reaching Enlightenment.
  • Theatre: Immersive Experiences & Data Driven Decision Making
  • Creative Living: Present Tense Future


  • Catch-22
  • Literature and Brain
  • Making of a Poem
  • Autobiography of Madonna

Always be Dreaming List — The Art

  • 500 words a day
  • Read 15 minutes
  • Summary of what you learnt that day.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Planning.
  • Build out reading list according to Writing Topic.

Physical, Mental Fitness List — Beach Season

  • Lift, Climb, Yoga
  • Meditate — 2 minutes
  • Hike — weekends
  • Protein Shake — Daily

The Ever Growing To-Do List

  • Followers in the thousands: Utilize SEO Marketing. Analyze Content
  • Create your art: Live your life
  • Groceries: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Clear out room, Switch tables
  • Clean Bathroom

Build Your Career List — Profession

  • Open Source Classes: Python, Machine Learning, SQL
  • CFA: Absorb and learn as much as you can
  • GREs: Let’s see if college prepared you for this.
  • Reach out to your professors: Let them know you’ve been thinking about them
  • Thank you Letters: Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Finances —

  • Pay your Bills: Its 2016. Who do you think you are?
  • File your own taxes. (fuck): Yes. you are an adult
  • Plan your Financial Goals

Wants Or Needs? Rewards.

  • Portable speakers
  • Mountain or Road bike
  • Backpacking Trip

List of Favorite People (unordered, stream of conscious)

  • Vx
  • YJCh
  • WndyHs
  • ZhnnZ
  • VGpt
  • BrnO
  • JH
  • ENgyn
  • MdylnPhn
  • AG

Room Mates

  • MO
  • Thynh
  • VK
  • KNkn
  • MBrnls
  • BShn

Sisters from other Misters

  • VNgyn
  • JlR
  • Smmrh
  • Tprk
  • MSwmr
  • BrgtG
  • Rby
  • RSWbr
  • ChKyb

List of Mentors

  • JVK
  • AOmrv
  • AFrmn
  • SLndbrg
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